What hypnosis is doing to your brain

    Is hypnosis something that’s done TO you? Or a natural process? What does science tell us today? You’ve probably heard some version of this before, if you’ve experienced hypnosis or researched the state. “You experience hypnosis naturally all the time.”  “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”  “Hypnosis isn’t something that’s done TO you…” I’ve said […]

what is hypnosis

What is hypnosis, anyway? Video series

Understanding Hypnosis Today I thought I’d post the first of a 6 part video series that we ask all new clients to watch. These videos are like a “mini” course in hypnosis and answer most of the questions that new clients have about hypnosis and the processes we use in working with clients to help […]

Does hypnosis work for stress, weight loss and more?

Hypnosis is more than the gaze into my eyes image of the stage and demonstrational hypnotist. Hypnosis is a medically accepted science, approved by the American Medical Association in 1958.  Before you ask does hypnosis work, you should ask what hypnosis is. The Random House Dictionary defines hypnosis as “an artificially induced state resembling sleep […]

Helping Your Client: Getting Un-Stuck

Editor’s note: This article is being published in 2017 as a 3-part series in the Unlimited Human!, the journal of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Helping Your Client Find and Follow Their Pathway to Change This is an article I wrote for recent graduates of my school, the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy; however, it’s […]

Cindy Locher interviewed on Beyond the Basics Health Academy show

A little something different today, as Cindy Locher, BCH is interviewed by Dr. Meaghan Kirschling on her radio show, “Beyond the Basics Health Academy.” Cindy gives Dr. Meaghan and her co-host Wendy a fresh perspective on hypnotherapy. Perhaps you share some of the questions that Wendy and Dr. Meaghan present to Cindy in this light […]

25 Things You Should Never Apologize For

If You Offend Someone, Should You Apologize? (Not Always.) Never apologize for: Being yourself Speaking your mind Disciplining bad behavior Asking a question Promoting the most deserving Following your conscience Telling the truth Saying “I don’t know” Defending your beliefs Being honest with someone Asking for help Keeping your promise Pursuing your dream Falling in love Putting […]

Anxiety Be Gone!

Skills not pills for anxiety control. Your hands sweat. Your mouth goes dry. Your heart beat triples. Your stomach clenches. You have an almost uncontrollable urge to run, run, run. All of these could indicate you are feeling stressed, stressed stressed. Maybe you have to give a presentation or speech before a group of people. […]

Hypnosis: A History of Change

Long ago and far, far away… The stone carvings of ancient Egypt offer pictorial evidence that, as early as 1,000BC, ‘sleep temples’ provided a sanctuary for healing. The temple priests used formal inductions for trance which form the basis of the techniques we use today. Sanskrit writings also tell us of the ‘healing temples’ in […]

Hypnosis for Golf

HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT ‘Train your mind and improve your golf performance’ “Golf is 90% mental.” You’ve probably read it many times and still wonder what it means. Steve Elkington: “The mind is your greatest weapon. It’s the greatest club in the bag. It’s also your Achilles’ heel.” Tiger Woods: “I’ve learned to trust […]