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Interview with Paul Scheele, PhD

Interview with Paul Scheele, PhD In this episode I interview Paul R. Scheele, PhD, founder of Learning Strategies Corporation (“in Minneapolis,” LOL!). Paul is the creator of the Paraliminals hypnosis CDs.  (When I need something that I haven’t recorded myself, I turn to my Paraliminals collection, they are wonderful.) Right now (yep, like RIGHT now, […]

Sacred Blessing Sound Bath-Pure Amazingness

Imagine a time of pure energy flowing through you in complete peace… A feeling of being special, just because you’re you.  An exercise in moving into a receiving state that feels so graceful and fluid, that you find yourself there before you even realize it.  For many of us (maybe it’s a Minnesota thing?) the […]

ChangeWorks selected for local business award

We at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center are honored to have been selected for this honor, and we strive to serve you, our clients, to the very best of our abilities!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center selected for 2017 Apple Valley Small Business Excellence Award Apple Valley, – August 24, 2017 — ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center […]

what is hypnosis

What hypnosis is doing to your brain

    Is hypnosis something that’s done TO you? Or a natural process? What does science tell us today? You’ve probably heard some version of this before, if you’ve experienced hypnosis or researched the state. “You experience hypnosis naturally all the time.”  “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”  “Hypnosis isn’t something that’s done TO you…” I’ve said […]

Hypnosis for Golf

HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT ‘Train your mind and improve your golf performance’ “Golf is 90% mental.” You’ve probably read it many times and still wonder what it means. Steve Elkington: “The mind is your greatest weapon. It’s the greatest club in the bag. It’s also your Achilles’ heel.” Tiger Woods: “I’ve learned to trust […]

Mind Body Techniques for Anxiety

For several years I taught a class at Normandale, a local community college, called Mind/Body Techniques for Anxiety. Why “Mind/Body Techniques” and not “Hypnosis for Anxiety”?  The long answer would take too long.  The short answer is, while “anxiety” falls within a certain framework of symptoms and thought behaviors, everyone is unique and everyone’s experience […]

Cindy presenting at Alchemy & You II

Cindy Locher will be presenting at the upcoming Alchemy & You II series through the Metamorphosis Center. In conjunction with the book launch for her new book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, Cindy will be teaching a class entitled, “Hypnosis for Reaching Your Higher Self.” Through the process of spiritual hypnosis, learn how to ask […]

What is hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? In spite of the current increase of interest in hypnosis as a complementary modality for many types of issues many people still aren’t quite sure what hypnosis is (or isn’t). Hypnosis is rapidly gaining favor as a complementary treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and IBS, are just a few examples, in addition […]

How to get more of what you want

Read this entire article because it’s really important. I’m sharing one of the best secrets to getting more of what you want. And that is this:   Working with what is already wired in your neurology is easier and more effective than working against your wiring. Read this article to learn 4 specifics ways to work with […]