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Essential oils have a long history.  For millennia people have used plants and plant distillations for their beneficial (and predictable) effects.  From settling upset tummies to calming skin issues to relaxing for a better night’s sleep and much more, essential oils have earned their place in the cornucopia of tools available to mankind to improve and maintain a healthy mind and body.

Essential oils have earned respect.  Far from quackery, essential oils are being studied by numerous highly respected health and research institutes.  From Johns Hopkins to the Huntsman Cancer Center to the University of Maryland Medical Center and many, many more, essential oils are earning their place on the docket of serious research projects.  Many well known institutions have already adopted essential oils as part of their natural, complementary tools to enhance patient comfort, including Penny George Institute, St. Francis hospital, and Piper Breast Care Center and more. Essential oils have become mainstream.

Essential oils have found their place in my home, my family’s wellness and in my client work for over a decade.  My experience with using essential oils dates back over 16 years now, and my family have learned to look first for an essential oil to do the job before looking to drugs and medicines that place an additional burden on the body through side effects and additional metabolic load on the liver. That doesn’t mean we are against traditional medicine; just that we’ve learned to use it as more of an approach of last resort, when simpler, natural remedies aren’t appropriate or aren’t enough.  My scientist husband who works for the Minnesota Department of Health uses oils on a pretty much daily basis, and often sends people my way for essential oil consultations.

I’ve used essential oils with clients for the past decade.  The effect of oils on mood and emotion are well researched and established. Essential oils provide powerful and effective anchors for positive, resourceful states and as pattern interruptors to break habitual, negative responses. I even offer a reduced number of sessions for most issues when clients are willing to incorporate essential oils into the work, as I have found that doing so gets faster results, with equally or greater lasting effects.

There is a revolution of a kind happening.  People are seeking more natural, gentle solutions that don’t require a reliance or dependency on pharmaceuticals with their long-term economic costs and negative side effects.   For many, essential oils fill at least a part of that niche.

Whether incorporated with hypnosis or other modalities, or as a stand-alone approach, when properly sourced and applied, essential oils are safe, effective and reliable.

What issues can be addressed with essential oils?

Essential oils are made up of powerful chemical molecules.  These are the basic classes of these molecules: alcohols, aldehydes; monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes; esters and ethers; phenols; and ketones.

Our bodies have receptor sites and metabolize these complex compounds in ways that create changes in the body.  The way they interact with our body’s systems determines the effects they have on us, physically and emotionally.  Some of these compounds do things like dilate blood vessels and open sinuses and nasal passages; some promote alertness and brighten the brainwaves; some increase focus and awareness.  Others foster a sense of calm and well-being, and even relax muscles and systems in the body. Some have natural anti-anxiety properties and others are found to increase feelings of motivation, and some provide additional support to the immune system.

As you can imagine, this results in a long list of issues that essential oils can help with and support, including:

  • Support of emotional states and regulation of moods
  • Bringing body systems into balance: digestion, respiratory, women’s systems
  • Supporting the body’s immune system

I commonly use essential oils with clients in a wide variety of issues.  Essential oils can help you maintain and/or regain motivation and determination (say, to reach a goal); and to calm and relax the nervous system, triggering the body’s relaxation response (for worry, anxiety, public speaking, and any time you want to feel calm and balanced).  Clients with digestive issues consistently report positive results with essential oils like fennel and peppermint to relieve upset and issues like IBS.

The sense of smell is the sense that affects the limbic (emotional) system of the brain most quickly. The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance (Higley & Higley, 1998). This relationship helps explain why smells often trigger emotions. Knowing this, we can hypothesize how inhalation of essential oils can have some very profound physiological and psychological effects!

I use this with clients to either anchor positive and resourceful emotional states, and/or to introduce new information into old, unwanted behavioral patterns (aka, habits!), creating an effective pattern interrupter to speed the degradation of the neural pathways associated with the unwanted behaviors, and hasten the creation of new neural pathways for desired behaviors.

In fact, I have been so successful using essential oils and scent to speed the change process with clients that I am currently writing a book on the topic to help train other practitioners in this practice.

Which oils are right for me?

Come in for an Essential Oils Consultation.  Because the effects of essential oils on people’s physical and emotional states are real and can be very powerful, it’s important to get good guidance on which oils are right for you.  There is so much information out there on essential oils, it can get confusing, and out of that confusion some people get frustrated and either try the wrong oil (and get the wrong result or no result for their issue), or they can’t make a choice and don’t try oils at all. That’s why I offer an Essential Oils Consultation service to help you determine which oils to start with that are likely to be helpful for your issue, and how to use them safely and effectively.

Essential Oils Consultations are $60 per hour (pro-rated in 15 minute increments; 1 hour minimum.)  Up to 4 sample oils may be provided with the cost of consultation; additional oils are available for separate purchase.

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Waiver of Liability 

As the client, it is your personal right and responsibility to make educated choices for yourself and your family. As an Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Consultant, Cindy Locher does not diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness. The role of the Aromatherapist/Essential Oil Consultant to consider the client as a whole person and to consult the client with dietary, aromatherapy and herbal recommendations to promote and enhance our body’s ability to heal.

Learn more about essential oils to support your health and wellness concerns.

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