Hypnosis for Academic Improvement

back to school with hypnosisThis is a five-session series designed to improve the academic performance of any student from 13 to 90 years old.  

While all of our work at ChangeWorks is client-centered, over the years of working with students, whether they are Jr. High, High School, college or graduate students, or adults taking a professional exam to obtain or maintain a certification, there are common issues that, when addressed in a systematic, integrated way, enable the learner to perform at a higher level.

This five session program, therefore, addresses the following areas of performance improvement for the academic student.  Audio recordings are provided for all of these topics, creating a library for reinforcement and future reference for the client.

  • Motivation to study
  • Increase your academic performance
  • Learn faster
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Take tests calmly and with confidence
  • Remember what you read
  • Finish what you start
  • Be more organized and productive

In addition, the student is taught self hypnosis and mental focusing techniques to develop skills that will serve you not only during your academic career, but well beyond, in every area of life.

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This program is run by Jeff Bellis, CHt.

Are you ready for school? At any age, you CAN improve your motivation, focus, memory, organization and productivity levels.  Imagine the difference in your performance, your results and your life of learning and applying these skills now.

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“Thank you so much for all your help with hypnosis. With old age and and 4 learning disabilities I was terrified to go back to school. You taught me to hypnotize myself  for study and to test in the same mode.. I am happy to say I received A’s in my pre-requisite classes for grad school. I start school in the fall, and I am very excited about it. Thank you so much for your part in my journey.”
—  Jessica Blum*

“Thanks to working with ChangeWorks we celebrated graduation this year!  There were times in the past when we really weren’t sure we’d ever see this day, but with her help it’s real. I can’t say thank you enough, you’ve changed my daughter’s life.”
—  Gina Rupert*COVER BACK     INSIDE









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*Disclaimer: Everyone’s different, and of course your results may vary.  It is unethical to guarantee changes in human behavior and much depends on your motivation. We do require a consultation during which the program will be explained, and your motivation will be evaluated. We do not accept everyone who approaches us to do this work because we believe that your success is our success and we work to set you up to succeed.