Why weight? Resolutions time again?

Hypnosis for weight loss?

By Carolyn Johnson, RN, CHt

Where are you? Today, again, this brand New Year? Maybe you’re right where I’ve been for many New Years. What I’m talking about is weight loss. The extra weight you’ve been carrying around maybe just like I had for 45 plus years. Maddening, irritating, depressing, almost hopeless extra weight! Oh, who wants to talk about it again, read about it again, or acknowledge it again! Except that it really bothers you. It affects your whole life, your health, your relationships, and your emotional wellbeing. It may affect how well you do in school, your job or career. I truly understand. Let me tell you of where I was for decades.

I was keenly aware of a brand new year. I heard talk about resolutions everywhere I went. Actually it was depressing for me. I didn’t hold to my last new year’s resolutions or even last summers! I’d look for something to wear in my closet. I wish I had a great looking pair of jeans, but in order for that to happen I needed to lose weight so that I can buy a smaller pair! Those jeans! They haunted me even in my closet! Those jeans, never quite comfortable, always pinching somewhere! It wasn’t only my jeans but my blouses and dresses too! I didn’t look in mirrors, in fact I avoided them. When I did look into a mirror it was only from my shoulders up. That was enough!  Why be reminded of how EXACTLY I looked? Is this where you are?

I dieted, tried fads, starved myself, and went to weight loss clinics. I exercised, but I didn’t see a lot of results with the exercise I did get. I was motivated for a while and I’d have great will power 2-3 weeks, yet if I didn’t lose fast enough or if I felt the pressure of just HOW much I needed to lose, I lost my will power and motivation. I’ve probably lost hundreds of pounds in my life just to gain it all back again. Is this where you are?

I felt like my husband looked past me. Was he ever embarrassed the way I looked when we were in public? Even if he said he loved me I wonder if he really was attracted to me. There isn’t sexy or pretty lingerie for fat ladies. In fact my dear husband stopped buying them for me because I didn’t fit them. So I started getting practical gifts for around the house instead. I didn’t blame him. That’s just the way it was. Is this where you are?

I was on many medications for chronic conditions. Some of them actually saved my life and vastly improved the quality of my life, but I gained more weight. My doctor acknowledged this and said it would be difficult to lose the weight, but isn’t that better than living in misery? It seemed like I changed one misery for another. I was pre diabetic. My once low blood pressure started to creep up into the high range. I had high cholesterol. My knees were achy. I was on an appetite suppressant but gaining 1-2 pounds a month! And, I always heard, “you take after your Aunt Sally, she was always heavy, but regardless Carolyn you’re pretty and kind, that’s the most important. I also heard “you just have a slow metabolism” and “you’re a middle age woman who has had 3 biological children. It’s difficult to get back into shape after three kids, and now you’re raising your adopted baby at 45 so there’s a lot of stress in your life. Just relax.” Except I was obese! Is this where you are?

It was so depressing to always think of my weight. It took a lot of my time. I thought there was something holding me back but I didn’t know what it was. I thought some of my past experiences may have an impact, but I couldn’t make sense of it. It seems like I tried everything. Is this where you are today?

Does this resonate with you? I was frustrated with my weight beyond words!

I found ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center online. Hypnosis for weight loss was the one thing I hadn’t tried. The only hypnosis I’d seen was on TV and I was unsure of it. I wondered if it would go against my faith and values. As I learned more about it I realized it was using the awesome power of my sub conscious mind. It seemed almost like magic! It seemed too good to be true, too easy for it to work, yet it wasn’t!

Hypnosis works! That was only 3 years ago. I reached my goal weight within a few short months and started to train for triathlons! That success spurred me on to lose more weight.

I’ve lost 62 pounds and went from a woman’s size 20 to a size 6! I believe in the power of hypnosis! I went on to train and achieve certification in hypnotherapy. I love helping people lose weight! I love hearing “I’ve tried everything”. That tells me you are motivated and haven’t given up. The wonderful news for this brand new year of 2017 is that there is hope with hypnosis! Hypnosis is safe, natural and doesn’t have any side effects. It has a long rich history being used very effectively in medicine. In hypnosis you are always in control; we guide you through processes that create lasting change. Please call me for a free consultation. I would be honored to help you to achieve your weight loss goals!

The pictures you see alongside this article are of me! This is where you can be!

Carolyn was so inspired by her experience as a client that she went on to take the Hypnotherapy Certification program through the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy and now works as a Certified Hypnotherapist for ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center.

Learn more about Carolyn here.  Call for a consultation today – 952/356-0010 and ask for a free consultation with Carolyn Johnson.

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