Public Speaking Hypnosis

It’s no secret: to be successful as an entrepreneur, executive, attorney or professional in today’s market, you must present yourself well, and often.

Yet, a surprising number of professionals just like yourself rank their fear of public speaking worse than death, so they avoid it although they know the fear is holding them back. If this describes you, you are NOT alone, and you can be helped. You will be amazed how quickly and how much, using NLP and hypnosis anxiety elimination techniques.

Is Fear of Public Speaking limiting your personal or professional life? Are there presentations, interviews, group discussions you should be participating in, to further your career or personal ambitions? What is the true cost of your fear, in terms of your career, lost opportunities and self-image?

Many people still believe common myths about fear of public speaking that say it can never be cured or that it can only be managed through skills training, tips and tricks, or speaking frequently. False.

The truth is that fear of public speaking can be radically diminished and even eliminated. Powerful techniques effectively reduce these fears and fundamentally change negative beliefs. Extensive performance enhancement methods can help you reach optimal performance and go beyond that to your ultimate performance.

Do you have one of the following issues?

  • Inability to speak in front of groups
  • Fear of being the focus of attention
  • Discomfort in presenting at work
  • Nervousness about interviewing
  • Anxious about performing
  • Stage Fright

I offer a uniquely effective process that helps you overcome those fears, and uncover your own high impact and authentic style. This profound change process can enable you to achieve greater fulfillment, career success and income.

Effective Public Speaking

Cindy Locher speakerAs a frequent public speaker myself, I understand the process you’re going through to become an effective speaker or presenter. ¬†You need three pieces of the puzzle, or what I call the three legs of the stool:

  • Mastery of your subject matter. If you’re like the rest of my clients, this is not the issue. You know your subject matter well, but when the spotlight is on you, it just doesn’t come out the way you want.
  • Public speaking skills. There are excellent trainings that can provide you with these skills if you have not already had this training, but most of my clients have had speakers training through Dale Carnegie and others. Speaking training helps your confidence, but it does little or nothing to eliminate fear and anxiety.
  • Emotional comfort. Despite having the other two puzzle pieces in place, many people find speaking in public to be difficult or impossible when they experience Fear of Public Speaking. This is the part of the puzzle that holds you back from reaching the potential you know you have, and this is the part of the puzzle I specialize in putting in place with you.

The processes I use are effective, comprehensive, fast acting, and designed for a lifetime.
The relationship begins with a comprehensive intake history and surveys, conducted confidentially and in person, to fully understand the genesis of your anxiety, how it affects you and how you experience your anxiety. (Here is another article about how I work with fear of public speaking.)

First, we desensitize your mind to the specific triggers that have created the anxiety reaction in the past. This creates a freedom from the anxiety, and most people feel significantly better after just this step alone. We use the tools that suit you best, as every client is treated as an individual. We draw from the tools of hypnoanalysis, EMI, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental Rehearsal and Mental Training techniques to create your best result.
Once your old response has been eliminated, we use a technique from Neuro Linguistic Programming called anchoring to provide you with a new response to the public speaking situations. This new response (which can be neutral or even pleasant) replaces your previous anxiety, and trains the mind the correct way to respond. You learn a feeling of control over your mind’s reactions.

Then, you are guided through a process which provides the mind with concrete evidence that you can experience the situations that caused you anxiety in the past in a calm, relaxed manner.

hypnosis public speakingYou will be taught a kinesthetic form of self hypnosis, a simple, drug-free method that you can use for a lifetime that reduces the activity in the amygdala (the “fight or flight” center of the brain), shifts processing from the anxiety-prone left hemisphere to the calm and creative right hemisphere, and increases your brain’s production of serotonin and beta endorphins, thereby greatly reducing the potential for further anxieties to develop in the future.

Stop allowing fear to sabotage your career another minute when so much can be done to clear your pathway to career success. Overcome your fear and even enjoy public speaking.



It’s time to turn that fear into a strength, isn’t it?

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