You are taking the first, important step to reaching your goal!

Scheduling a consultation is the first step.  No matter how long you’ve been thinking, planning, hoping, or dreaming, things are about to change for you in wonderful ways!

The purpose of the consultation is to answer all of your questions so that you feel comfortable, confident and safe with the process; to ensure that you are a good candidate for doing work with hypnosis at this time; and to ensure that we construct the right program for you, since all of our individual session work is customized to the client.  Just as we teach in our Certification Program, we practice Diversified Client-Centered Hypnotherapy.  Consultations are free and fun! Find out if you can be hypnotized, how hypnosis works and most importantly, how it can work for you!

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Make your decision with confidence with our Right Decision Guarantee.

We confidently offer our “Right Decision Guarantee.” When you buy any session package, you are entitled to our Right Decision Guarantee:  If at the end of your first session you are not satisfied with our methods and processes, or for any reason feel that ChangeWorks Hypnosis is not the right fit for you, we will cheerfully refund your entire package fee upon your request. Guaranteed. To our knowledge, we’re the only hypnotherapy center to offer this much assurance in the country.  Why? Simply put, your success is our success and we want this to be the right fit, and the right solution for you.