Roy Hunter Parts Therapy Workshop in Minnesota

Description: How can you effectively help the client who struggles with inner conflicts? Someone strongly desiring to attain a goal, but who also experiences self-sabotage, may be a prime candidate for PARTS THERAPY. Often using different names, others emulate this profoundly beneficial technique taught and practiced by the late CharlesTebbetts. Competently facilitated, parts therapy often helps people get past barriers when other techniques are insufficient. However, there are pitfalls that must be avoided in order to maximize results for your clients. Learn parts therapy either from Roy Hunter or a Certified Parts Therapy Trainer. The parts therapy workshop is experiential, and is a MUST for anyone not totally familiar with parts therapy or one of its variations. Roy Hunter is the published author of two hypnosis texts based on the teachings of the late Charles Tebbetts, as well as Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy (Crown House Publishing, 2005). All who attend a parts therapy workshop will receive a participant workbook. Undecided? Read Roy’s Parts Therapy book first…(click here) Roy also has two articles on parts therapy posted on this website. Objectives: Participants will learn…

·        What parts therapy is

·        When to use parts therapy

·        Why parts therapy is best for some clients

·        How to use parts therapy (complete step-by-step process)

·        How to explain parts therapy to your clients, and why such explanation is needed

·        Why it is so important to be an objective mediator

·        How to avoid inappropriate leading, and the potential consequences of not doing so

·        Why Roy Hunter added an important update on the Tebbetts Methods

·        How to avoid common pitfalls that could put clients farther away from success

·        Participants will have break-away practice sessions.

Workshop Outline

  • Overview
  • Important Background Information
  • Proper Preparation: Defining Client-centered Parts Therapy; Explain Parts Therapy to the Client; Deepen Appropriately; Establish a Safe Place; Establish (or Confirm) Finger Responses; Verify Hypnotic Depth
  • The 11-Step Process An in-depth presentation of each of the 11 steps of the entire parts therapy process,  potential detours and how to deal with them
  • Role Play Exercises for each of the 11 steps
  • Concluding the Session
  • Supervised Practice Sessions
  • Potential Pitfalls and Other Concerns
  • New Frontiers (time permitting) Spiritual Potential and More…
  • Breaks as needed throughout each day.

A certificate of professional education in parts therapy will be provided to all who attend both days. An optional “Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator” certificate from theTebbetts Parts Therapy Foundation is available for those who choose to meet additional requirements.

This workshop will be held April 26 & 27th, 2014 at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center, 7600 W. 147th Avenue, Suite 202, Apple Valley, MN  55124.  

Cost:  Early bird:  $297 if you call and reserve your spot by April 10th; $379 after April 10, 2014.

To register:  Call Cindy Locher at 763/218-3231