Scent Anchored Hypnosis Session

scent-001The Nature of Scent and Emotion

The sense of scent is the most powerful, enduring and meaning-rich sensory anchor humans can experience.

The science of scent and its physiological, emotional and psychological effects on the human mind is fascinating.  Scent anchors us to emotions, is the fastest pathway to visual, spatial and emotional memory, and creates physiological changes as well – inspiring the body to produce anti-inflammatory effects, calming neurotransmitters, and more.

You are already familiar with the power of scent to change your mood, and you probably already have scent “anchors” — scents from the past that, when you smell them now take you back to that memory and immediately bring back powerful feelings.  The smell of your mother’s or grandmother’s perfume.  The scent of the particular flowers growing outside your elementary school.  The scent worn by your first or most powerfully evocative romantic interest.  These scent anchors have formed naturally and spontaneously–it’s a function of the human mind; our learning mind.

In Scent Anchored Hypnosis, we use this powerful phenomenon intentionally, to anchor the emotional and physiological states of well-being, confidence, love, relaxation, and more. I use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils to anchor your desired states, and you are provided with a vial of your chosen scent, so that you can reinforce and re-invoke the alchemy of the anchor we co-create in the session.

What is Scent Anchored Hypnosis good for?   You can use a scent to anchor confidence, calm, happiness, determination, motivation, arousal, and any other positive emotional resource you want to anchor. You can also use scent to help facilitate and integrate emotional release, such as forgiveness, or to deepen intuition or spiritual connection and awakening. A Scent Anchored Hypnosis session may be the perfect addition to your hypnotherapy session package (no additional cost) or you may want to use Scent Anchored Hypnosis as a stand-alone session for stress reduction, spiritual awakening, or anchoring confidence.  See Cindy’s Rates page for more information on scheduling a Scent Anchored Hypnosis Session.

How does it work?  The Scent Anchored Hypnosis session is similar to other sessions.  You’ll discuss your goal, be guided into the hypnotic state, and given suggestions and perhaps led through processes to facilitate the changes you desire.  Prior to hypnosis, you’ll be given a choice of essential oil scents and asked to choose the one that seems to resonate the most with your issue.  Depending on what you’re working on, this may or may not be the oil that you “like” the most.  Then, in hypnosis you will access your desired state- say, confidence- and Cindy will anchor your resource state to the scent.  Once done, the association is created and after that the more you use your scent to access your resource state the more powerful and permanent the anchor becomes.

Truly one of my favorite sessions to perform, it is a spiritual experience.

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