6 Tips to Boost Your Willpower

6 Tips to Boost Your Willpower

willpower boostWillpower. You hear a lot of talk about willpower in my business. I sometimes say it’s misnamed and it should be called “won’t power” because that’s how people usually want to use it.

What is willpower?  The dictionary definition is “control exerted to do something or restrain impulses.” The entry goes on to give this example: “most of our bad habits are due to laziness or lack of willpower.”  Wow. Ouch! 

Unfortunately this is a very common and simplistic view of willpower. Willpower is real, it is also a finite and renewable resource. This means that you wake up in the morning with your resource tank as full as it’s going to be, (another good reason to use hypnosis to improve your sleep) and it gets used bit by bit during the day. And NOT just on what you’re working on changing.
Say you’re becoming a non-smoker. You want to use your willpower to help you resist those associations that could trigger you to want to smoke again.  But your willpower also gets used up when you bite your tongue and don’t respond back to that rude coworker, or when you get cut off in traffic.  No wonder by mid-afternoon or evening you find it so much more difficult to stick to your resolution — your willpower has been used up!
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra boost of willpower when you need it most? It would make it so much easier to stick to our plans and reach our goals instead of giving in to temptation. Well, you’re in luck. I’m about to share six different tips and strategies with you that help you get that extra boost of willpower whenever you need it. Let’s dive in and explore these willpower “power-ups.” 

Take It One Task At A Time 

The best way to strengthen willpower is to focus it on one task at a time. It’s tempting to get motivated and start to change everything all at once. I get it. It’s just not the most successful strategy. Instead, focus on one change at a time and use all your willpower to take it from new behavior to well-established habit before moving on to the next change. Your willpower efforts will strengthen many times over when you focus them on one thing at a time. 

Find An Accountability Partner 

It’s much easier to do what you set out to do when you know that someone is watching. When you know you have to report any mishaps or slip-ups to this person, you’ll think twice about giving in to temptation. An accountability partner works even better when both of you have the same or similar goals and can hold each other accountable.  It’s like you get to use your willpower and theirs too. So double up!

Track Your Progress 


Often change comes in small increments, and it can be hard to see progress. Track it in a journal, a spreadsheet or any other way that makes sense to you. Revisit it often and see how far you’ve already come. There’s nothing like it to keep you going. “What gets measured improves” is a truism. 

Use Willpower To Create Habits 

Use your willpower strategically to create new habits and routines. Once something starts to become a habit, it takes less and less willpower to keep it up. Keep working on what you want to change one thing a time until it becomes routine and so no longer requires willpower.

Remind Yourself Of Your “Why” 

There’s nothing better than motivation to boost your willpower. The best way to stay motivated is to continually remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing. The “why” is the reason that you want to accomplish your long-term goal. Define it, digging deep to find the things that genuinely motivate you. Then remind yourself regularly of your big “why.” Put it on a sticky note, create a vision board, or put up other reminders of it all around you. Look at them, read them, and consume them anytime you need an extra willpower boost.

Use Hypnosis, Of Course

The energy of the subconscious mind is like water — it finds the easiest path.  And it’s easiest to just do what you’ve always done. Change takes energy. Use hypnosis to program your mind to expect the change, to behave as if the change has already been in place for weeks, months or years.  The more you see yourself behaving in your new, desired way in hypnosis, the more normal and comfortable that feels to your subconscious mind, and then it becomes “the easy choice.”

If you need help making a change, that’s what I’m here for! (That’s why the place is called ChangeWorks!)

Til next time!


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