A Simple Exercise to Train Focus, Relieve Stress | Cindy Locher Podcast

A Simple Exercise to Train Focus, Relieve Stress

exercise to increase focus

What if there was a simple exercise that you could do in 3 minutes or so that would train your brain to increase your ability to focus and concentrate, give you the ability to create a sense of mental relief by shifting your mental focus and reduce stress and feelings of anxiety?

What if you already had everything needed to perform this simple exercise?

What if this simple exercise was given to you in the podcast right here on this page?

Well, OK then!

This week’s podcast introduces you to a simple exercise that does SO much. It’s one of those things I call “elegant.” Because while it seems simple, it packs a punch in terms of results.

And don’t confuse simple with easy. This will be easier for some of you than others, but the fact that it isn’t “easy” is where the growth comes from.  For most people this exercise will be in “the Goldilock’s Zone” in terms of difficulty – not too easy that it feels pointless, not so difficult that it becomes frustrating.

This exercise is great for everyone in today’s modern society, from parents trying to juggle everything plus home schooling in today’s Covid-19 environment, to busy executives, to students; really anyone who would benefit from a less distractible mind.

So, without further ado, enjoy today’s podcast episode:

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