About Jeff Bellis

Hi, I’m Jeff Bellis, a board-certified hypnotherapist. I enjoy working with people in the areas of smoking cessation, sports improvement, low self-esteem, stress management, and other areas equally important to people looking to improve their lives. I received my hypnotherapist training and certification in client-centered diversified hypnotherapy at the Midwest Hypnosis Academy.

I hold a B.A. degree from Mankato State University and live with my wife in Woodbury, MN. In my spare time I like to travel and spend time with family.

Because learning never stops I’m involved in ongoing training and education in the field of hypnosis. It’s my passion to give each client the very best opportunity to make the changes they want.

There are two things I will give you when you come to see me. Hope, and hypnosis! Hope that you can truly change your life by changing your subconscious programming, and hypnosis—which will be our tool for success. Change is inevitable; your growth is an option. The choice is yours. I look forward to talking with you and seeing you at your first hypnosis session very soon.


Jeff’s Credentials

Graduate, Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy

Board Certified Hypnotist through International Association of Counselor and Therapists

Member, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

Professional Certifications

Certified Medical Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP Practitioner

Speciality Certifications

Academic Improvement Hypnosis Certification

Smoking Cessation

Sports Hypnosis

Pre- and Post-Surgery Hypnotherapy


I abide by and conform to the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association Code of Ethics.

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