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Want the calming, focusing benefits of the Mind/Body connection, but you don’t have a specific issue to work on?

Or, maybe you would like to learn an established and research-proven way to solidify the improvements you’ve made through other methods?  Either way, Autogenic Training is an incredible option for learning to easily and quickly achieve the short and long term benefits of reaching the meditative state.  It is easy to do; so easy, most people like it better than traditional meditation techniques.  It’s also a great way to get started on a mindfulness practice and can be used as a stepping stone to other types of meditation or mindfulness techniques, if you desire.

What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training “is a technique that teaches your body to respond to your verbal commands. These commands “tell” your body to relax and control breathing, blood pressure, heartbeat, and body temperature. The goal of AT is to achieve deep relaxation and reduce stress.”  OK, that’s the WebMD definition, which is accurate, but what does that mean?

Autogenic Training is a method that deepens and strengthens the mind/body connection.  The subconscious “mind” is really distributed through every cell of your body.  Body parts, muscles, organs and systems learn to respond to thoughts. For example, maybe you think of your boss and your back starts to hurt.  Or you think about public speaking and being to feel anxious.  Those responses have been programmed into your body through an associative mechanism.  It starts with an event that creates an emotional response, and is then strengthened through repetition.  It was what we mean when we say “your issues are in your tissues.”

What can Autogenic Training do for you?

  • Get to sleep faster, and sleep more soundly
  • Reprogram your “anxiety set point.”
  • Increase focus and concentration.
  • Improve memory.
  • Create a cooperative agreement between you and your inner mind, so that your mind learns to respond to your verbal commands.

Autogenic Training was developed by Dr. Johannes Schultz in the 1930’s in response to a need to improve the health of cardiac patients.  In that time, there were no effective medications for these patients, and their conditions almost inevitably led to death. Autogenic Training proved an effective method of reducing blood pressure and heart rate, “balancing” the mind and body and enabling the body’s own healing processes to work better, and improved the prognosis for Dr. Schultz’s patients.  Autogenic Training is a long established, effective practice with multiple mental, emotional and physical benefits.

“The goal …(of Autogenic Training) is that the patient acquires the necessary skill as far as possible uninfluenced by the therapist and is in this way able to form his own auto rhythm. …. Schultz emphasised that trance effectuated with our method is a safe way to the altered state of consciousness.” From Professor Heinrich Wallnöfer’s Schultz Lecture, British Autogenic Society Seminar 2000

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Autogenic Training gives you the ability to intercede in this natural process, to re-train the body to live at it’s natural, relaxed “base” state.  The associative process process happens all the time, usually without your conscious awareness of it.  And once it’s happened, you don’t have any idea what to do to change it.  That’s where Autogenics Training puts you in the driver’s seat, deepening and strengthening the connection between your conscious mind and the subconscious mind distributed throughout your body. “Autogenic” literally means “self-generated,” and as a result of regular practice you will find that your subconscious mind learns to run these relaxing/rebalancing processes for you, without your conscious direction. You will find yourself having autogenic experiences during your day, when in the past your stress responses would have been triggered.

giphy-6AT is a safe, simple drug-free technique to help:

● reduce or manage recurring stress-related symptoms e.g. sleep problems, anxiety, mild depression, fatigue, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), high blood pressure, chronic pain
● increase general confidence and well-being
● increase energy and creativity
● improve performance in sport, music, theatre, classroom, boardroom
● reduce the likelihood of serious illness in the future
● naturally support our innate healing mechanisms

So, what will this program do for me?

Frequently, clients who learn Autogenic Training report that both physical and emotional issues resolve as a natural result of this practice.

How does this program work?

Autogenic Training (or “AT”) is done in an 8-week program. AT consists of a number of steps that deepens your skills and the connection.  It cannot be rushed; it requires time and consistency on your part, (but not a lot of time, which is one of the benefits of AT over traditional meditation). It is truly the “crowning achievement” of mind/body work.  Autogenic training can be done very effectively over the internet (Skype, FaceTime) or over the phone when coming into the office isn’t practical.

This program consists of a combination of one-on-one work and recordings. Each week a new level of AT is introduced.  In between weekly sessions, your daily practice is essential to the process.  AT trains your mind and brain, changing (calming) your brainwave profile and strengthening the mind/body connection.

The goal of Autogenic Training is much the same as meditation-for the individual to learn skills and uncover personal strengths and insights, as much as possible free from interjection by the facilitator.  In AT, I serve the role of facilitator and instructor, guiding you to develop your skills and achieve your own insights. Those skills and insights will continue to deepen for your lifetime (or as long as you practice AT).

AT does not require a lengthy process; it is easily incorporated into one’s daily routine. Once the process is learned, a session of AT can be accomplished in between 10 and 15 minutes and it is a wonderful way to start and end your day.  Many people find it preferable to a meditative practice for these reasons, and others.

Who benefits from Autogenic Training?

  • Teens & Adults
  • Worried or anxious individuals
  • People who find themselves too easily distracted or have difficulty with focus and concentration.

Autogenic Training is beneficial for teens and adults who would like to improve their calmness, focus and concentration and develop a more centered demeanor.  Autogenic Training provides the same set of long term mental and emotional benefits associated with meditation, and is a good choice for people who have tried meditation but didn’t find it to be their cup of tea.

What do people say about Autogenic Training?

“I am less easily distracted, and less easily upset.  Sudden noises, or noisy environments, no longer make me feel anxious the way they used to.  I feel like there is more “room” in my head, if that makes sense. Calmer, more centered, less easily set off-balance emotionally.”  Thad K.

“This is so much easier than meditation for me. I like the guided aspect of it, the structure. I’ve been practicing for two months on my own now, and at this point, as soon as I get into the position and have the intention of beginning my AT, everything in my body and mind automatically slow down and the process almost runs itself. I am feeling daily benefits in terms of my relationships. I am calmer and more patient (my husband and 5 boys thank you, LOL!)  You may use my name, and thank you!” Carrie Svobek

Start your program today!  Call 952-356-0010 and ask for a consultation with Cindy Locher.


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