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Podcast 2019-1 | Working with Multiple Issues in Hypnosis

It’s a podcast!  Or … whatever we want to call it. Some of you remember I had an AM radio show for years and when it got picked up by a couple of syndication networks they required weekly content and in 2017 I just got burned out and put the whole thing on hiatus for […]

Rule of the Mind #2 — What is Expected Tends to be Realized

Here is the 2nd of the 8 Rules of the Mind: What is Expected Tends to be Realized. This rule explains why so many people feel like they “always” or “never” experience some type of experience.  “I never get the girl.”  “I always end up dealing with bad traffic on the way to work.”  “It […]

Improving cognitive skills (thinking & memory)

Do you, or a loved one, struggle with short term (“working”) memory, or feel overwhelmed by the tasks and information coming at you at work or at school?  Been labeled ADD / ADHD, even put on the spectrum? Did you know that the underlying brain issues with some of these situations can be improved? Last […]

Hypnosis can transform perception

Originally published by Stanford University: Research supports the notion that hypnosis can transform perception BY MITCH LESLIE Hypnosis can change how we see the world, a new Stanford study has revealed. By using PET scans to monitor neural activity, researchers demonstrated that the brain processes visual input differently under hypnosis ­ allowing subjects to “see” […]