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what is hypnosis

What hypnosis is doing to your brain

    Is hypnosis something that’s done TO you? Or a natural process? What does science tell us today? You’ve probably heard some version of this before, if you’ve experienced hypnosis or researched the state. “You experience hypnosis naturally all the time.”  “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”  “Hypnosis isn’t something that’s done TO you…” I’ve said […]

What is hypnosis, anyway? Video series

Understanding Hypnosis Today I thought I’d post the first of a 6 part video series that we ask all new clients to watch. These videos are like a “mini” course in hypnosis and answer most of the questions that new clients have about hypnosis and the processes we use in working with clients to help […]

Does hypnosis work for stress, weight loss and more?

Hypnosis is more than the gaze into my eyes image of the stage and demonstrational hypnotist. Hypnosis is a medically accepted science, approved by the American Medical Association in 1958.  Before you ask does hypnosis work, you should ask what hypnosis is. The Random House Dictionary defines hypnosis as “an artificially induced state resembling sleep […]

Helping Your Client: Getting Un-Stuck

Editor’s note: This article is being published in 2017 as a 3-part series in the Unlimited Human!, the journal of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Helping Your Client Find and Follow Their Pathway to Change This is an article I wrote for recent graduates of my school, the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy; however, it’s […]

Cindy Locher interviewed on Beyond the Basics Health Academy show

A little something different today, as Cindy Locher, BCH is interviewed by Dr. Meaghan Kirschling on her radio show, “Beyond the Basics Health Academy.” Cindy gives Dr. Meaghan and her co-host Wendy a fresh perspective on hypnotherapy. Perhaps you share some of the questions that Wendy and Dr. Meaghan present to Cindy in this light […]

Hypnosis: A History of Change

Long ago and far, far away… The stone carvings of ancient Egypt offer pictorial evidence that, as early as 1,000BC, ‘sleep temples’ provided a sanctuary for healing. The temple priests used formal inductions for trance which form the basis of the techniques we use today. Sanskrit writings also tell us of the ‘healing temples’ in […]

Hypnosis can transform perception

Originally published by Stanford University: Research supports the notion that hypnosis can transform perception BY MITCH LESLIE Hypnosis can change how we see the world, a new Stanford study has revealed. By using PET scans to monitor neural activity, researchers demonstrated that the brain processes visual input differently under hypnosis ­ allowing subjects to “see” […]

What is hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? In spite of the current increase of interest in hypnosis as a complementary modality for many types of issues many people still aren’t quite sure what hypnosis is (or isn’t). Hypnosis is rapidly gaining favor as a complementary treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and IBS, are just a few examples, in addition […]

New British show’s hypnotist exposed!

“You’re Back in the Room” is a new British comedy/reality show where contestants try to meet challenges despite being hampered by increasingly bizarre hypnotic suggestions. Says the news blog “conversation.com”, “This program would have us believe a powerful hypnotist can make us do whatever he says and we are powerless to resist or even realise. […]

Cindy gets interviewed…Beyond the Basics Health Academy

Hypnotherapy, what role does the subconscious mind play in overall thought processes and health Dr. Meaghan and Wendy of Beyond the Basics Health Academy welcome Cindy Locher to the show. Cindy is a hypnotherapist that uses hypnosis as a complementary medical training. This is a fascinating topic that can help many people. Often our mind […]

Using Hypnosis to Be Better at Business

This article source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/karstenstrauss/2014/11/06/using-hypnosis-to-be-better-at-business/2/ Entrepreneurs and executives use many tools and rituals to stay focused and get ahead. Jack Dorsey assigns business themes to each day of his workweek, Winston Churchill worked from his bed each morning, and President Harry Truman would down a shot of bourbon after a brisk walk each morning before his days […]

Do a little bit more for yourself today than yesterday…

Just a little.  Don’t make it hard.  When trying to cure your anxiety, or make any change in your life, take 5 more minutes to meditate or do self hypnosis.  Take a 5 minute walk in the garden.  Take 3 minutes to create a new affirmation.  Make one small healthy change to a meal.  Go […]

Hypnosis quietly gaining popularity in health care

When I find these great articles from high quality sources, I post them here to help people understand what is REALLY happening in the field of hypnosis.  This article was originally published by NBC News. ~ Cindy Locher In 1987, Marilyn Bellezzo was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a disorder that was, for her, […]

Medical Hypnosis panel at national conference

Just got the pictures from the conference I attended in July! I was on a panel about Medical Hypnosis with the “greats” of medical hypnosis, Michael Ellner and Seth-Deborah Roth, both world-renowned experts in the field, and Alena Guest, an amazing person in the field too. I’m still pinching myself! What an honor to speak […]

New hypnosis radio show: what does hypnosis feel like?

One of the most common questions that we hear, and that clients are asking themselves even if they don’t ask it out loud, is “what does hypnosis feel like?” Some people want to know just because they are curious about the state. New clients want to know because they often wonder “if they are doing […]

Mayo Clinic on Hypnosis

By Mayo Clinic staff Have you ever been totally absorbed while reading a book or cooking or watching a movie? Did you zone out to the point where you didn’t notice what else was going on around you? If so, you have experienced a type of trancelike state or focused attention that’s similar to what […]

ChangeWorks’ client completes IronMan competition

Congratulations to our client Joe Kelzer for his competition in and completion of the Wisconsin IronMan competition this fall! Joe has competed in numerous triathlons and a few IronMan competitions, but had developed a fear of the water and was experiencing panic attacks during his swim practices. Joe knew that in order to finish well, […]

hypnosis for insomnia

Poor sleep leads to poor eating choices, lack of control (study)

If you’ve been my client, you’ve already learned some of this.  Why we MUST get good sleep in order to have the mental energy to make good choices and to make changes of any kind.  Well, here’s a new study that goes even deeper, courtesy of one of my favorite information sources, PsyBlog. Recent studies […]