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Cindy Locher published article

Cindy Published in Unlimited Human Magazine

Always an honor to be published in a professional journal Forgot to share this in the spring. Way too much going on, I guess! New office, all that kinda stuff! This article (below in its entirety) was published in the Spring 2019 issue of Unlimited Human Magazine, the professional journal of the International Medical & […]

Inner Conflict Resolution Training Replay

Inner conflicts — do I or don’t I? How do I clear up this inner conflict and create movement in the direction that’s in my best and highest interest? Everyone struggles with this from time to time; sometimes on a large-issue scale, sometimes with just day to day conundrums. This training will help with the […]

ChangeWorks selected for local business award

We at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center are honored to have been selected for this honor, and we strive to serve you, our clients, to the very best of our abilities!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center selected for 2017 Apple Valley Small Business Excellence Award Apple Valley, – August 24, 2017 — ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center […]

Mind Body Techniques for Anxiety

For several years I taught a class at Normandale, a local community college, called Mind/Body Techniques for Anxiety. Why “Mind/Body Techniques” and not “Hypnosis for Anxiety”?  The long answer would take too long.  The short answer is, while “anxiety” falls within a certain framework of symptoms and thought behaviors, everyone is unique and everyone’s experience […]

What is hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? In spite of the current increase of interest in hypnosis as a complementary modality for many types of issues many people still aren’t quite sure what hypnosis is (or isn’t). Hypnosis is rapidly gaining favor as a complementary treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and IBS, are just a few examples, in addition […]

Taming the Untamed Mind

Understanding the Benefits of Meditation Wow, what a wonderful 13 minute talk by Lily Hill.  She does a beautiful job of summing up a lot of information and making it accessible and useful.  WELL worth the watch. I had a meditation instructor years ago who told me, “the untrained mind is like a young puppy. […]

ChangeWorks-MHA Ribbon Cutting Event

ChangeWorks/MHA “One of the best things to happen in Apple Valley,” says Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland. Yesterday, Monday, May 19th, we held our ribbon cutting event with our clients, the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce and representatives from the City of Apple Valley and Minnesota Representative Anna Wills. The ceremony marked the expansion of ChangeWorks Hypnosis […]

ChangeWorks’ client completes IronMan competition

Congratulations to our client Joe Kelzer for his competition in and completion of the Wisconsin IronMan competition this fall! Joe has competed in numerous triathlons and a few IronMan competitions, but had developed a fear of the water and was experiencing panic attacks during his swim practices. Joe knew that in order to finish well, […]

Do you take insurance?

We often get asked if we take insurance here at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center.  The fact is, we do not.  You’ll find that most hypnotherapists don’t, unless they are also a licensed medical professional, such as a Marriage & Family Counselor or an M.D. However, I’d like you to consider a bigger question:  do you really […]