Dynamic changes in your mood & hormones from changing your posture

Posture and Mood:  Dynamic changes in your mood & hormones from changing your posture

posture and moodI’m a big fan of TED talks.

As you may know my friend and former client Dean Hyers recently did a TEDX talk and you can still find that one here (http://www.minnesotahypnosis.com/dean-hyers-tedx-talk/).

But what I really want to share with you today is Amy Cuddy’s TED talk from 2012 about the neurophysiological changes that happen to you just due to your POSTURE. Many of you may have had a discussion of changing your emotional state by changing your posture as part of your sessions with Jody or I, and this is the BEST summary and explanation of the science and validity behind those techniques that I’ve seen to date.

It’s a TED talk so it’s 20 minutes and it takes these concepts beyond what we’ve talked about in our sessions.

  • Want to get hired on that next job interview? Here’s what might put you over the top.
  • No time for exercise? Manage your testosterone and cortisol levels in just 2 minutes.
  • Feeling down? Change your neurology by changing your physiology, easy and fast, fast, fast!

I can’t recommend this highly enough, so watch it now:

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