ChangeWorks Wellness Policy

“Should I come in for my hypnosis session if I’m sick?”

*********UPDATE 6/1/2020*******************

Starting this week sessions can be held in the office.  All consultation are still being done over the phone for the foreseeable future.  Please read the following wellness policy prior to your in-office session.  For your health and convenience, distance sessions are still available for all clients and all issues.


********* UPDATE 3/16/2020 *****************
Starting this week I am conducting all consultations and sessions via phone or Zoom video conferencing due to the COVID-19 issue. As of right now the plan is to do all work this way for at least the next couple of weeks. As you know, this is a developing situation so we’re staying flexible and adapting as needed to what emerges.

Please rest assured this is an effective way to do this work.  I have clients across the United States and overseas, and have done distance sessions for over 10 years with equally excellent results to in-office sessions.

Stay safe, stay home if your work allows for that, and we will come out of this together!



I’m sure by now you’re all aware of the COVID 19 issues.  If not, I’d like to come join you under your rock!

This policy is a response not only to that, however, but to contagious illness in general, like the cold and the flu.
Corona virus or not, in cold and flu season and all year round we all want to stay healthy, so I am posting the following illness policy for the office:

1) If you are symptomatic with something that could be contagious (cold, flu, etc), DO NOT come into the office for your hypnosis session or consultation. If your symptoms are mild enough that you still feel up to having your session or consult, we can do your appointment over the phone or by Zoom. I work this way with clients outside the Minnesota area all the time.

2) If you’re sick enough that you can’t rest comfortably for 15 or 30 minutes, then it’s probably best to reschedule your session entirely, because it’s hard to get into hypnosis when you’re that sick.  I will not charge you for a session if you cancel, even at the last minute, for reasons of being sick.

3) I will do the same for you. If I’m sick I’ll contact you and reschedule.

4) For your comfort and peace of mind, know that I wipe down office door knobs, waiting room and consultation furniture, and “the comfy chair” with Lysol in between clients.

5) As of right now, I am still working with clients in person at the office, and also offering phone or Zoom hypnosis sessions as an alternative. I work this way with people all over the country all the time; the work is equally effective done in this manner. Because COVID-19 is a developing situation, I reserve the right to pivot all sessions to phone or Zoom distance sessions in the future should conditions warrant it. If you’re a current client should that time come, we can discuss options for your session continuity.

If you need to contact me to reschedule or change to a phone session, reach me at this email ( or call or text my cell, which is 763/218-3231.

Stay well!

Cindy Locher, BCH

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