Cindy Locher iHeart Radio Interview | Fear of Public Speaking

Hypnosis — could it be your perfect solution to the fear of public speaking that nothing else has solved?

David Serero, The Culture News on iHeart Radio

Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed for iHeart Radio by David Serero of The Culture News, about the use of hypnosis for stage fright / fear of public speaking / presentation anxiety — whatever you call it, you know it when you have it.

You can listen here below or find the iHeart Radio link down further.  

If you have tried everything — presentation skills training, Xanax, imagining people naked (ewww!) but still feel those butterflies when the meeting rolls around to you, you’re in good company.  I’ve worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and University presidents, so don’t think that this doesn’t affect people at all levels. Contact me for a consultation and find out how easy it can be to finally feel comfortable presenting or speaking in a meeting.

(Oh, and David is from France originally – now in NYC – so, you have to love how he pronounces my last name! LOL!)




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