Distance | Remote | Virtual Hypnosis Sessions

Are you open?


In fact, I have been seeing a full calendar of clients from the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis right to the present day.  Yes! ChangeWorks is open to help you!

It’s kind of interesting for me right now to see so many hypnotherapists on the forums where I’m active learning to do sessions remotely now for the first time because of the stay at home orders. I’ve been doing work this way for over a decade, and I regularly see clients from other parts of the country and even other countries. (As far away as Australia!)

Distance sessions make it possible to work with clients across the country and around the world.  This is also an excellent option for anyone who has challenges getting to my office in Burnsville, MN.

Distance, remote or virtual sessions are excellent in situations such as:

  • Long Distance
  • Physical Restrictions
  • Bad Weather
  • Irregular or Difficult Schedule
  • And of course the current stay-at-home situation

Remote hypnosis is just as effective as in person sessions, proven by over a decade of experience and many satisfied clients. Schedule a phone consultation today and we can discuss how I can help you and how distance hypnosis sessions work.

Ann was a recent client whom I worked with over the phone for the last few weeks. Listen to her experience in using distance hypnosis to overcome a lifelong nail picking habit:

Distance Sessions Work Well for the Following Issues and Reasons:

Here’s a few things to keep in mind for your virtual session:

  • Please turn off all electronic devices during the session
  • Pets, children and other adults should not be present during a session.
  • Notify household members you will be in session and request the need for privacy and quiet.
  • Find a comfortable place in your home: a couch, recliner or bed along with pillows and blankets work best.
  • A headset / handsfree device is preferred and highly recommend to use during the session.

Virtual hypnosis sessions are a great option any time, making this work more convenient and accessible so that you can get the help you want to achieve the changes you desire in life.

All of these reasons, and probably others, make working remotely a great and effective option.

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