Distance Hypnosis Solves a Decades-Long Problem

Distance hypnosis gives you freedom
Distance Hypnosis Proves to be a Safe and Effective Solution for Ann

Ann came to me in March with a nail-picking habit, something she’d been trying to put behind her for decades. Ann was motivated, as she mentions in her interview below, and after a consultation we were off to the races on March 12 to help her create her change!

Then things got much more serious, as you recall, with the COVID-19 outbreak, stay at home orders were put into place and I began doing all my client work over the phone, aka “virtual” or “distance” hypnosis sessions.

Ann wasn’t my only client, I had about 20 on my calendar when this happened, and I’ve continued to work with all of them over the phone, reaching resolution to their issues ranging from smoking cessation to public speaking. As I mention on the page for Distance Hypnosis Sessions, I have worked this way with clients outside the Minneapolis St. Paul area for over a decade. I actually find there are some advantages to working this way.  For many clients it’s more convenient, eliminating the need to drive to and from an appointment. Beyond that, though, there is something to be said for being in the comfort of your own environment when doing this work. It allows the client to feel safer, more calm and relaxed and actually facilitates a good experience in hypnosis sometimes better than coming into a hypnotist’s office.

That was not Ann’s situation as you’ll learn from her interview, below.  Due to her home circumstances we had to work a little differently together, but that really underscores the real flexibility of this type of work. If you are looking for results from hypnosis, the right practitioner can tailor an approach to you and get you there. My Dad had a saying – never start anything by telling yourself no. Get started, and move your way through. Ann’s experience is a prime example of doing just that.

Is this work effective when done over the phone or internet?

From experience I can tell you it is. I’ve helped people in Australia quit smoking, while sitting in my home in Minnesota. A study (Barak et al, 2008) shows that the outcomes of internet based therapeutic work is as effective as in person work.  Specifically, “The overall mean weighted effect size was found to be 0.53 (medium effect), which is quite similar to the average effect size of traditional, face-to-face therapy.”  The study “examined interacting effects of various possible relevant moderators of the effects of online therapy, including type of therapy […], type of outcome measure, time of measurement of outcome (post-therapy or follow-up), type of problem treated, therapeutic approach, and communication modality, among others. A comparison between face-to-face and Internet intervention as reported on in 14 of the studies revealed no differences in effectiveness.”

In conclusion, the studies reviewed “provide strong support for the adoption of online psychological interventions as a legitimate therapeutic activity.” 

In the office (eventually!!!) or over the phone, I am available to help you resolve your issue. Whether it be smoking cessation, weight loss, a fear of public speaking or other stress or fear based issue, you can schedule a consultation today and get started on the path to your solution.

Listen to Ann’s Experience with Distance Hypnosis:

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