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Sandy lost 35 pounds here and went on to lose 50 total!


Over the years we’ve accumulated a large number of testimonials, and we’re appreciative of each and every one of them, and the changes and improvements in the lives of our clients that they represent.  That’s why we do this work.

A note about testimonials.  Often when people see “rave reviews” on a website like this, they wonder “how do I know if they’re real?” The bottom line is, you don’t know. Because the work we do is private in nature, you won’t see personal email addresses or phone numbers for the former clients giving these testimonials. (However, some of them ARE willing to be occasionally contacted by prospective clients.)  When requested, their first names have been changed. Whenever possible, we ask our clients for video or audio testimonials, because that reduces the question of authenticity. That having been said, here is some information on how we’ve collected these testimonials. They’ve been collected from emails sent during the course of work and afterward; transcribed from voice mails left in response to follow up phone calls; and online review sites.  Some of the quotes were spontaneous; others have been requested at the end of the working relationship.

Disclaimer: Individual results, of course, may vary from the experience of these individuals.


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Written Testimonials:

From Ginny K, July 2016 (originally posted on our Yelp reviews):

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.08.40 AM

Cindy Locher is a consummate professional….knowledgable, experienced, an excellent communicator…and she has lots of personal warmth!  She has an objective, science-based and real-world approach to/perspective on hypnosis.  All of this contributed to making my hypnosis experience truly valuable and effective.  During my sessions, Cindy helped me think through and imagine various situations relevant to my concerns, and coached me on how to accomplish similar exercises (and success!) on my own, outside of our sessions.  I highly recommend Cindy and will continue to see her on an occasional basis to help maintain the great progress I’ve made.


From Mike M., July 2016, on working with Cindy on Tinnitus (originally posted on our Yelp reviews):

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 9.08.40 AM

Cindy Locher and Changeworks have literally changed my life for the better. I have suffered with intense tinnitus, hyperacusis for a few years and tried many methods of management and brain rewiring before finding Changeworks. Cindy’s hypnosis techniques and vast understanding of the brain & neurology have helped me learn how to talk/work with my sub conscious and ” re-parent and re-hardwire a new neural network. I’ve only read about hypnosis and how it can help tinnitus/hyperacusis but I’m a believer now. It’s a really normal process. Hypnosis to me is an intense hyper focused state. Clarity. This is a no-nonsense process. No fluff, just great tools to help me. I needed direction, facts,tools, at home exercises and understanding the language of the brain and I got them. Worth every penny! Thanks! I’ on the road to tinnitus management!

Mike M.

Minneapolis, MN


From Our Google Online Reviews:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.56.32 AM


The end of a 40 year smoking habit:

First, thanks for showing me the way. I had been a smoker for about 40 years. I smoked a variety of brands of cigarettes. During the many times I attempted to stop smoking I would smoke cigars instead (but usually ended up smoking both).

I attempted to stop many times. My attempts were almost an annual affair. I tried cold turkey, acupressure, patches, gums, lozenges and E cigarettes. Some attempts were temporarily successful, but none had any lasting success. It’s not so much that they didn’t get me to stop, but they didn’t prevent me from having the constant desire. At the slightest trigger I would bum a smoke. That led to buying that one pack (The” I’ll quite right after I finish this pack” – pack).

I liked what I saw on the Changeworks Web Site and took a chance. I’m not exaggerating when I say this was a life altering adventure! My desire to smoke is gone; and my mind has the tools to put down any lingering temptations. I’ve been confronted with challenges that, in the past, I would have used as an excuse for that one cigarette-but I didn’t!  My wife says my complexion has changed and I look healthier!  I already feel so much better!

I would enthusiastically recommend any person with a sincere desire to stop smoking to contact Changeworks Hypnosis Center.

Thanks again,


Charles N.


A testimonial from Dr. John B:

April 2017

I work as a hand surgeon and was referred to ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center by my brother-in-law.  I was having a lot of anxiety about mistakes I made in the operating room and the effect those mistakes had on my patients.  It was very difficult for me to sleep through the night, and I would routinely wake up worrying about my patients.  These negative thoughts were constantly impacting my personal life for the worst.  I learned to let go of negative self-talk, and focus on the positive. Now I am able to relax, and focus much more easily! I found my confidence, and with it an inner peace. I am a much better person and surgeon because of my experience.

A heartfelt testimonial

February 3, 2016

My son faced a multitude of developmental delays following a very difficult birth,  and medical experts said early on that he would probably never speak well enough to be understood, never read at grade level. While school-based and private therapy of every sort from age 17 months through sixth grade – and some as recently as this past summer – helped him overcome most of his physical challenges, it left him with nearly overwhelming feelings of inadequacy that he has struggled with since then. All my loving rah-rah encouragement meant nothing. Five years of working with a psychologist got us nowhere. My son simply did not believe in himself, and neither the most loving nor most reasoned words could change that core belief.

This year, college is finally what I always knew it could be for my son. He now sees himself as I have always seen him: capable, smart, strong, clever; easily as good as many in his chosen field and better than quite a few. He’s enjoying his life, excelling in his courses, sharing with underclassmen the many technical and creative skills he possesses, walking confidently into new situations, and building the strong social network that had always eluded him. He is becoming everything I knew he could be.

All my years of loving encouragement had only left me frustrated, and had left my son as discouraged as ever. My son, who had had – to put it in the best light – some very difficult semesters with many dropped and failed classes, now believes he can achieve anything he wants. Thanks to hypnosis, he’s gone from academic probation to two As, a B+ and a C last semester. He is a young man transformed– now eager and engaged in classes and in his life.

Before, I was the only believer; now, we both believe. The young man who had nearly let go of his dream is three semesters from a professional career as a sports reporter. Yes! The boy who would “never speak well enough to be understood” has long dreamed of an on-air career. Now he has the confidence to make it happen. If we’d not found him, the dream would have died and my son would be clerking at Sports Authority (a solid workaday job, but hardly the dream). This has been a singular blessing in our lives. The gratitude I have is endless. The weight off of my shoulders is enormous. My son believing in himself is priceless.

Lori Anderson

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

(a long way from Apple Valley; I would have happily driven 10 times as far)

Decades of sleep issues resolved:

Hi Cindy, I am so happy to write that I am still sleeping well. Sometimes I still think “I can’t believe it!” My story is that I couldn’t get to sleep well and woke up several times every night, and this went on for decades. It really started I think sometime in high school (and I am now 47). Sometimes I would wake up and have thoughts and that would make me anxious and keep me up but mostly, I would wake up and not know why with nothing on my mind. It would take a half hour or more to fall back asleep and with this happening 3 or 4 times a night I would often just get up at 4 am or around there and just figure why even try. I was sleep deprived for decades and it made things so difficult for me.  I couldn’t believe that after just 2 sessions with you things were already starting to improve.  Waking up less, falling back asleep easier. And now 3 months after all of our sessions, I am sleeping better than I ever remember.  I’ll keep you updated with how it’s going, but I truly believe my problems sleeping days are in the past now! I can’t thank you enough. My husband and kids thank you too! ~Sally Burton, Eagan MN

My husband and I came to ChangeWorks to stop smoking. We had been discussing quitting smoking for 2 years and decided to finally make an investment that we HOPED would work. My husband smoked for close to 20 years and I had smoked for 15 years. Having never used hypnosis before,we were unsure of what to expect. We were pleased and excited to discover the science behind hypnosis, and the way he educated us so thoroughly made the whole process easy to understand,and therefore easy for us to succeed!. We were thrilled with the immediate results we received!

The cravings are gone and we couldn’t be happier! It has now been over 2 months and we are still going strong. We highly recommend ChangeWorks Center to those of you that are ready to be free from the hold that cigarettes have on their life!

Katie & Shawn Maher,  Minneapolis,MN
Struggles with extreme sleepiness during the day (dozing in meetings, whenever I sat down in the afternoon, and once, while driving) led me to a sleep clinic. After testing, I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea. This meant that I was stopping breathing up to 80 times an hour, and my oxygen levels were dipping dangerously low many times each night. In the short term, this causes sleepiness during the day, which makes life difficult in many ways. In the long term it leads to a host of serious health problems. The treatment was a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, which blows air through a tube into a mask and down one’s airway all night, in order to keep the airway open. It’s a highly effective treatment, if used every time you sleep. However, my sleep doctor told me that only 50% of the patients who need it are able to tolerate it. I was sent home with the CPAP machine and its accoutrements, a few instructions on how to use it, and told I would need to use it for the rest of my life. In addition, I was told that a modem at the back of the machine would be reporting my daily usage to the sleep clinic, and if I didn’t use the machine at least four hours per night, my insurance would not pay for it. Using a machine each night to help with breathing is a lifestyle change, and unfortunately I was one of the 50% for whom it did not happen easily. I struggled with feelings of claustrophobia, feeling like the machine was suffocating me and I was going to be unable to breathe. Five days into my attempts to use the machine, my dear dad passed away suddenly. Then my sorrow and disorientation over his death seemed to get intermingled with my feelings about the machine. I went back to the sleep clinic and tried a different mask. But I still struggled. I dreaded bedtime every night, and each night was a battle between the machine and me. I would try it for a while, then panic and rip the mask off. I looked into other possible alternatives to treat my sleep apnea, but none of them work very well for apnea as severe as mine. I had to find a way to use the CPAP machine comfortably, and the sleep clinic didn’t have anything else to offer me. I could tell that the feelings that I had about the machine were huge, and were not coming from my rational conscious mind. I decided to seek hypnosis, to see if, by working directly with my unconscious mind, I could learn to be more comfortable with the machine. An online search led me to ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center.  I found it to be a soothing, relaxing and interesting experience. After the first hypnosis session, I was able to put the machine on and use it for a few hours at night. There were a few fits and starts over the next weeks, but by my third session, I was able to put the machine on with less distress, and use it every night. I am now at 25 consecutive nights, I no longer dread bedtime, and I am averaging 7 hours a night using the machine. I am far more comfortable with the machine and everything related to it, and I am feeling well rested for the first time in years.  I would recommend hypnosis for anyone who is struggling with CPAP use, or with any challenging lifestyle change. Six easy, comforting hypnosis sessions, and I am now able to easily do what I need to do for my long-term health and wellness. Susan Kesselring Apple Valley, MN*

“I gave my first speech in July and it was awesome!  I was SO calm walking up there.  Yeah! I haven’t given any other speeches but have volunteered for a variety of other roles, Toastmaster twice, TableTopics master etc.  Thanks so much!”  ~ Amy D., October 2014*


When my mother first suggested to me that I try hypnosis to quit smoking, I was extremely skeptical about the idea. Fortunately, I was a desperate skeptic, and I tried it anyway. After 33 years of smoking more than a pack a day I was desperate to quit and I had tried almost everything, but to no avail. It didn’t matter that I was 47 and deathly afraid of cancer, it didn’t matter that I no longer enjoyed smoking or that it made me feel like shit. No matter how desperate I was to stop, I still kept reaching for a cigarette. Why??? Maybe I’ll never know why, but now I no longer care, because thanks to ChangeWorks I no longer smoke.

It’s an amazing transformation, I’ve gone 3 weeks without a smoke, and I feel great. I’m not consumed by the desire to smoke, in fact only rarely do I even think about it (usually under stress I still get an urge) and even when I do it quickly passes as I remind myself of all the reasons I quit and how important to me those reasons are. I’m not at all irritable, which has been a major obstacle in the past, and I’m not searching for something to replace the habit or the time spent in it, I simply do not miss smoking at all.

The most difficult part of this whole thing for me was allowing myself to truly trust the process. Once I let go of my own feelings of vulnerability and found faith in myself as well as the possibilities presented by hypnosis, I was able to totally relax and allow the process work for me.

For me, results came quickly. Within 48 hours of my first session I had cut my smoking by 2/3. I haven’t had another cigarette since my second session. My third session is being reserved for future use should I find myself struggling down the road. Quite frankly, I feel the struggle is already won, and I’m left wondering how I can best use that third session. After all, if hypnosis can help me to conquer a powerful addiction such as smoking, what other doors could it open for me?  Hmmm….stay tuned.

~ Brett Pugsley, 7/13/14*

Well I’ve now had a chance to get a number of golf games in since our last session, and I can say that I am enjoying the game much more, and generally the scores reflect it.  My handicap has dropped about 6 strokes from when I first came to you for help, and I expect it will drop by another 5.
I’ve lost the apprehension to hitting the ball.  I no longer have that feeling that I can’t hit the ball; and for the most part the tension in my back is gone.  I think the days of having to put the driver back in the bag and hit a 7 iron instead are also gone.  My iron control is greatly improved.
I know I still have a ways to go to get to the game I’m capable of, but our sessions and the techniques you taught me have taken me most of the way along that path.  I think I now have the ability to finish the journey.
Thanks so much for your helping me solve my mental golfing problems.
Ken, Woodbury, MN, 6/27/14*


“I have exhausted almost every avenue and spent thousands of dollars to conquer my fear of speaking/presenting.  I finally decided to try hypnosis and found Cindy Locher and scheduled a series of 6 sessions.  After just a few (sessions) my confidence and (positive) anticipation to speak has greatly increased. I’ve moved away from avoidance to speaking to looking forward to engaging myself in a presentation.  The path is now paved and I see light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to my professional career growing.”

~John, 3/12/14*


“Since I’ve been here (ChangeWorks) I’ve never felt more relaxed and calm. I had so many issues coming in here and to be honest I didn’t know if this would be the best solution, but I can honestly say this has changed my life 100%. I feel the happiest I’ve ever been and I feel I’ve overcome most of my fears. My anxiety has lowered a ton and my depression is GONE. I’m so happy with choosing hypnosis to get me through all of this. It was amazing how much it changed me for the better.”

~ Erica Krynski, 3/2/14*

“Social anxiety has plagued me for most of my life and has greatly restricted my choices. I tried cognitive behavioral therapy as a method to overcome my fears, but beyond providing a realization that my fears were not rational, I made very limited strides. ChangeWorks and my sessions with Cindy have helped me to gain a calmness in social situations that I never had before and to begin to see that life is less limited than I once thought. Through the sessions, I came to understand that my fears were based on a small number of somewhat minor childhood incidents that I had allowed to cast a shadow on my life. Not only do I know feel more relaxed in social situations, I also am more aware of what others are saying because I am not focusing on my inner monologue of self doubt. I feel grateful for the help offered by Cindy and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to overcome their fears or better focus their energy.

~ Jill Grunewald, 7/27/2013*

“My sessions addressed a very anxiety producing trauma in my life. I am amazed at how relaxed, calm, joyful and at peace I fell now!”

~ Nan* (last name withheld by request)

“I originally made my appointment with ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center thinking only about weight loss. This work made me realize that anxiety is a major issue in my life and knew hypnosis would help me. My anxiety was so acute that just walking out the door was a major issue at times. I would need to mentally talk myself into going places before I could just open that door. I now can’t believe the change in myself! Not only do I interact with others better I have gone to see a comedian and movies by myself. Amazing! I still have moments of anxiety but the techniques he gave me to calm down work like a charm. After a few moments of deep breathing I lift my head up and out the door I go. I love it! As for the weight loss it’s slow going (which it should be), after a lifetime of bad eating habits, but I’m very confident the weight will come off.
I’m thrilled I went to ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center and highly recommend them.”
~Mary W*.

“With Cindy’s help, my (golf) handicap dropped an amazing 6 strokes this summer. After years of playing, lessons, practice, I never thought I’d see that kind of change in my in game in one season. Cindy gets results; she is definitely worth the investment.”
— Susan S. (Apple Valley, MN)*


“I have smoked for 20+ years and have tried many times to quit, but no success. I wasn’t sure about hypnosis, but figured it was worth trying. I am so glad I took this step. As of today I have been a non-smoker for 1 week. I can honestly say that from day 1, I had very minimal cravings and I feel great. I would definitely recommend hypnosis to anyone.”
— Tammy L (Woodbury, MN)*

“I have to thank ChangeWorks for helping me quit smoking and I have to believe it worked.” — Peter S (Maplewood, MN)*

“I’m off to a great start in my life as a non-smoker. I have the techniques I need to really start living.”
— Vinny L (Hastings, MN)*

“I have “quit” many times before with temporary success. Hypnosis has provided the positive tools to place this habit in the past. I look forward to being smoke free for the rest of my life and know that this is possible without withdrawal or urges. Hypnosis has also provided reinforcement techniques for any and all positive changes in my life.” — Jeff A (Little Canada, MN)*

“I came here to quit smoking after about 25 years of smoking. I was skeptical about the whole thing. I had quit for about a year cold turkey. It was very difficult with all the cravings. After the first session, it was not as difficult with the cravings as the sessions went on it became less difficult.”
— George H (Anoka, MN)*


From Our Google Online Reviews:

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 8.43.39 AM

“Thank you so much for all your help with hypnosis. With old age and and 4 learning disabilities I was terrified to go back to school. You taught me to hypnotize myself  for study and to test in the same mode.. I am happy to say I received A’s in my pre-requisite classes for grad school. I start school in the fall, and I am very excited about it. Thank you so much for your part in my journey.” —  Jessica Blum*

“I came in for help in quitting smoking. After the very first session, I lost the cravings for cigarettes and have not had a cigarette since. It was so easy! I feel so good about my accomplishment. I already feel healthier and happier – because I can breathe easier now. I would tell anyone to try hypnosis because it does work!”
— Danette G (Montevideo, MN)*

“I am truly a believer. I must admit that at first I was really skeptical about this whole procedure. As a chain smoker, I can honestly say I have no desire to smoke and I am very pleased with the results. I would strongly recommend this procedure to anyone.” –Barbara K (Bloomington, MN)*

“I never thought that I would be a nonsmoker. I smoked for 30+ years and almost assumed I would till death. I no longer feel that way. After my first session – cigarettes were no longer a part of my life routine. The 2 reinforcement sessions were awesome. I truly believe I will NEVER again smoke. This was a wonderful and “pain free” – (meaning no feeling of withdrawal) – experience.”
— Agnes M (Minneapolis, MN)*

“I was initially skeptical when considering hypnotherapy.  I come from a Catholic background and was uneasy about the source of hypnotic power.  Upon my own research, I grew confident that hypnosis did not rely on any dark or dangerous powers.  It appeared to be nothing more than seeking assistance to tap into my own inner thoughts, a therapist of sorts to help make sense of the constant scramble of ideas and emotions running through my mind.

Not only were these perceptions confirmed upon completing my session, I also discovered much more about the hypnotic process and my own inner self.  The experience was more than I could have imagined or hoped for. My session began with an extensive discussion on how the brain operates and why hypnosis works.  My hypnotherapist then evaluated my own specific situation pertaining to weight.

I was amazed at how quickly he understood my concerns when he developed a list of my goals.  They were perfectly in tune with what I was striving for.  We discussed them carefully together and I felt extremely comfortable moving forward.  I was entirely present while under hypnosis, as opposed to my preconceived notions of a deep sleep I would have little recollection of.  My hypnotherapist was able to expose the root of my weight issues, which stemmed back to my childhood.

Under hypnosis, I recalled early moments of childhood I’d never recalled before.  In my case, these memories were based around food and the emotions I was conditioned to associate with eating.  I experienced what’s best described as a battle between my adult self and my childhood self, bringing to the forefront the clash between who I want to be now as an adult and the innate tendencies of my sub-conscious mind.  For the first time in my life, I was able to comprehend and communicate the source of my issues with food.   This made my problem easier to understand and a solution plausible and accessible.  My two selves were able to essentially reach an agreement for my overall well being.  This was the first great leap towards my success over maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Hypnosis served as therapy for me.  After many frustrating years of yo-yoing between success and failure, I made sense of the root of my problems, enabling me to make the changes necessary to reach my ultimate goal.  I now understand how futile my surface attempts to control my weight have been because I was able to focus only on the conscious.  The depth of my issues reside in the sub-conscious, which hypnosis helped me access.  I have a newfound sense of confidence and certainty that I will choose to live a healthy lifestyle.” ~~ Emily Urlacher, 6/15/12*

“I would and will recommend hypnosis to all my friends and family that smoke. It teaches you a new and better way to approach stress and the emotions that brings you to smoke and imbeds what you should do better for yourself in your brain. It’s amazing. Thank you, I finally know I will never touch a cigarette again.”
— Maria J (Rosemount, MN)*

“I smoked for over 40 years, tried to quit a number of times, and didn’t ’til I came here. I stopped after the first session. It wasn’t easy, but I got through it with their help.” — Tom G (Lakeville, MN)*

“Hi, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we just got back from Denver this past weekend. And I did amazingly on the airplane as well, no anxiety. I’m feeling really good right now. I’m in ‘detox’ mode with slowly weaning off my daily anxiety medications..they never tell you the side effects of ‘quitting’ those damn drugs.   I’ll keep you updated!  — Joe R.*

And this update from Joe R.: “My mind has been opened up like never before. I suffered from Anxiety and Panic Attacks for 7 years and my symptoms have been dramatically reduced.  I strongly recommend consulting with ChangeWorks to assist you in any life changes you wish to make. Thanks for all your help. Joe R.”*

“I have been a little skeptical about the whole hypnosis thing but I wanted both my wife and myself to quit smoking permanently. Now, after our 3rd visit, I feel it is working and my desire to smoke is lessening. I am grateful to be non-smokers and be healthy and happy for it!”
–Pete E (Champlin, MN)*

“I have smoked for about 40 years. I’ve tried to quit cold turkey, Chantix, etc. I was desperate to quit as I could feel my health getting worse because of smoking. I stopped completely after the first session. I have had cravings but I know how to deal with them and it gets easier everyday. I will recommend hypnosis to anyone who wants to quit. The sessions are so relaxing.”
— Elizabeth E (Richfield, MN)*

“Hi Cindy, I just wanted to send you a note on my hypnosis experience with you. First a little history on my battle with anxiety. It started around 8 years ago when I thought I was having a heart attack and I went to the doctor and they did a stress test and decided it was just stress. So I was told to sell a couple of my businesses and get a hobby and I was also put on paxil. This seemed to work for stopping the panic attacks but it did not solve the anxiety problem and I did not like the way I felt on the drugs. Whenever I tried to go off the meds I would start having anxiety and panic attacks again. I also had my thyroid checked and my testosterone which was low and that helped lesson the depression after the panic attacks. I went to see a counselor who explained how anxiety worked and told me it was all in my head and I also read a number of books and ordered the Lucinda Basset (Midwest Anxiety Center) tapes off the infomercial.

All of this helped reduce the frequency and severity of the attacks, but it was all still in my head and I didn’t have idea what I could do about that. So I called you to try hypnotherapy and I will have to say I was a skeptic but I agreed to follow whatever you told me to do to the letter to give it a fair chance. After the first session I had the feeling that I could not have a panic attack even when I was feeling stressed. The suggestions you gave me during hypnosis gave me some tools, and for the first time I had made changes “in my head” even though I was not in a deep state of hypnosis until the fourth session. I had realized after trying to blame everything and everyone for my anxiety that I needed to take responsibility for it, but I just didn’t know how to change what was going on in my head. I want to thank you Cindy for doing what you do.

You did in 5 sessions what I had been trying to do myself for over eight years. I will take the responsibility to keep up on the meditation and self hypnosis, I plan on making it part of my lifestyle just like my exercise and healthy eating. Thank You. — Daniel Erickson PS. feel free to share this with anyone you would like, especially if it could help someone else like me.”*

“I believe your hypnosis really worked. I actually felt sick around all the bad food choices this year. NO WEIGHT GAIN between Thanksgiving and Christmas!””
— Tim F. (Apple Valley, MN)*

“Hypnosis works!  33 pounds down in just over 6 months.  I know it was the hypnosis because I’d tried everything else and nothing else budged this weight.  I still have a ways to go (plan to lose another 30), but NOW I know I will be successful!  Thanks!” — Bill S., Crosby, MN*

“Hi Cindy , happy holidays ! I just want to say thanks again for helping me quit smoking, it has been the best thing I have ever done I feel great!”
— Tim Scheurer, Mankato, MN*

“Just wanted to say “ Thank you!” The hypnosis really did work.  For the most part I Just read and did my crossword puzzles and even looked outside at the ocean. Crazy I tell ya! The flight back was ok but the landing – not so much. We started to land, the tires were on the ground and all of a sudden we had to go back up. Second time we landed we did stay on the ground but we slid a bit because it was so slippery out! Before meeting with you I would have totally freaked out but didn’t so thank you very much!” — Tammy S. (Fear of Flying)*

“Everything is great and I haven’t had any relapses or even any real cravings.  I know it would be so easy to start smoking again but I just don’t do it.  I’m thrilled with the results.  I have been listening to the (reinforcement) CD and I am reading the book to start with my own self-hypnosis.”
— Robin S., Minneapolis, MN (Smoking Cessation)*

“I am really enthused about our sessions and what I am learning.  I am anxious to learn more and be able to effectively meditate on my own.  My goal right now is to listen to the CD (Cumulative Bliss) every evening.  The last three days I have listened twice each day.  I felt really quite good today.  I am starting to feel like this takes the place of my anti-anxiety pill.” —  Bruce M., Minneapolis, MN  (Fear and Anxiety)*

“Thanks so much for meeting with me yesterday – judging by how I feel today it was definitely a positive experience!  I went home feeling so relaxed and had more of a feeling of certainty in myself when I woke up this morning.”
— Sally K., Minneapolis, MN*

“I slept ALL night last night!!! Not even up to use bathroom or drink of water, nothing. I am not walking around in a fog today. Feel better today than have in months.” — Shellie S., (Insomnia)*

“I slept like a baby, pain level is down to a 2 or 3, a good 50% reduction.”
— Brad F. (Stress, Insomnia, Pain)*

“Interesting thing happened today.  I have had really bad pain in my left hip.  Went to my family doctor today and the x-ray showed my hip and joints is great.  So it is bursitis. He recommended a cortisone shot.  He cautioned my and said a lot of people decide after he explains the pain involved.  I have had them before and remember the pain from the shot, phew!   I agreed that I needed to get rid of the hip pain asap, because it is hindering my teaching.  So, while he is getting the cortisone, I quickly put myself under, or at least talked to my body to relax, numb feeling, no pain, etc.  Only had a min, but when he came back I was ready.  He warned me, “get ready here it comes (LOL, it was sort of funny), a slight pinch and then nothing.  He was talking me through it here comes the burn, etc, now on the bone, will be over soon, hang on, but I am talking to him and felt absolutely nothing.  A great shot giver or a great hypnotherapist?  Thought you might like this quick story.” — Phil, (Self Hypnosis training)*

“I appreciate the positive way you approached my issues and the kindness, respect, and you-can-do-it attitude that you gave me.”
— Caroline M., Hastings, MN (Procrastination and Organization)*

“I’ve been yoyo dieting for the last six years and nothing really worked until I came to Cindy. I tried a lot of weight loss regimens… I have a back problem and it is very uncomfortable because of the extra weight …

Hearing about Cindy and hypnotherapy is a blessing. She is very professional and listens to your concerns and works hard with you to attain your goal. I have lost 13 lbs. in six weeks (and continuing!). I am exercising more and I find myself craving more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. I was also able to quit drinking pop which is a big deal to me since I’ve been trying to do it for a long time! I look forward to planning my meals ahead of time and If I have a party to go to (in my case, I attend parties almost every weekend) I choose the healthy foods without thinking about it. I don’t feel deprived because for the first time in my life, I am actually being good to my body and I feel great!

My friends notice my new behavior … they (my friends) are getting used to it and actually compliment me on the way I look. The more compliments I get, the more motivated I become!” — Glenda T., Minneapolis, MN (Weight Release)*

“It’s time. It’s time to let go, let God, and let myself be healed. I owe it all to you. I can’t thank you enough.  What you have done is be a part in saving my life.  I hope you know that!  I will keep in touch and let you know how I am doing, but I am very confident that I…will be a permanent non-smoker!  Honestly–I believe I already am…”
— Jodi B., St. Paul, MN (Smoking Cessation)*

“Life is treating me very well.  My new job is everything I wanted and more – challenging, fun, busy, etc.  It was the right thing to do and I honestly believe that you helped me make the transition.  I’ve been using the (recorded session) CD’s 3-4 times a week.  They help tremendously.” —  Dave T., St. Paul, MN  (Stress)*

“The Cumulative Bliss brain entrainment CD is amazing.  I feel so calm and relaxed.  I have been able to stop using sleeping pills, which I was using every night!”
—  Katie K., Burnsville, MN (Fear and Anxiety, Stress)*

“I began using meditation CD (Cumulative Bliss) three weeks ago.  …  I have found the 30 min tape to be soothing, relaxing and a great prelude to sleep.  …  It is everything you have said it is plus more.  I enjoy the calming affect it has and I have noticed that I have more patience during the day with those close to me.  I seem to be more actively giving compliments and other positive changes.  I look forward to other meditation CD’s you come out with.  I highly recommend this CD to everyone.” — Phil T., Rosemount, MN  (Stress)*

“After two weeks of attending hypnosis sessions, I consider myself a non-smoker. I understand better why I smoked, how to give myself what I truly need and how to relax without smoking. I came to ChangeWorks Hypnosis because I felt I had tried everything else and would never be able to quit. I needed help and found it! I will never be a smoker again!” –Julie F (Rosemount, MN)*

“I have been a non-smoker for the last 5 years. Before that I smoked for 39 years at the end I was smoking 5-5 ½ cartons a month.”
— Bruce O (Afton, MN)*

“After numerous tries to quit smoking after 53yrs – 1 to 1 ½ packs per day. After the 1st session, I was quite amazed at the lack of desire to smoke. After our 3 sessions, I have begun to breathe easier, no coughing and the ability to go to a special place eliminating stress.”
— Cliff K (Elk River, MN)*

“I wish everyone could know about the amazing work that Cindy does! First of all I’d like everyone to know that I have never worked with a hypnotherapist until I met Cindy, and I wasn’t sure what to expect… I have worked with Cindy on several occasions since. I have had some highly stressful and time sensitive challenges to deal with (work related). I don’t remember having such high stress for many years. 

It was unbelievable how Cindy helped me in just minutes to relieve the stress and & not only that (which was huge) but I approached the challenges with a whole different feeling and outlook toward it. I felt positive as well as confident! WOW! I told her I loved her and that she is an angel! I very highly recommend her for ANYTHING that you want to take care of in your life. Better golf game, lose weight, virtually anything! I recommend anybody to … give her a call.” — Jan R., Eden Prairie, MN   (Stress)*



*Disclaimer: Everyone’s different, and of course your results may vary.  It is unethical to guarantee changes in human behavior and much depends on your motivation. We do require a consultation during which the program will be explained, and your motivation will be evaluated. We do not accept everyone who approaches us to do this work because we believe that your success is our success and we work to set you up to succeed.




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