Healing Your Self Esteem with Hypnosis

This month’s free Lunch & Learn training is about healing a damaged self esteem.

Here’s a quick recap of some of the information covered, and the video includes that information and more, including my own story of having my self esteem severely damaged in my 20’s by my first marriage, and how hypnosis helped me recover my self esteem and my life.

The video of the training is below, and the audio of just the hypnosis session is below that, so that you can come back to this page and listen to that session repeatedly as part of your journey to a healthy self esteem!

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Hypnosis audio only:  

The Highlights:

85% of people suffer from low self esteem, according to studies cited by Dr. Joe Rubino in his book on self esteem.

We think of low self esteem as showing up in behaviors like being a wall flower, being self deprecating, not speaking up.  It can also lead to weight gain which then can lead to other health problems, so it isn’t just an emotional issue, it’s a real public health issue.

Low self esteem also shows up paradoxically, in the form of bullies, or people who just need to be right all the time, need to have the last word, to prove that they do have worth.  This is their defense mechanism and it masks their low self esteem, sometimes even from them.  But underneath those behaviors is a poor self image and lack of healthy self esteem.

What does good self esteem look, sound and feel like?

— You’re happy for others when they do well, rather than being envious

— You listen to the contributions of others, without feeling competitive or feeling the need to downgrade their input

— You have a deep inner sense that what you have to contribute to the world is of value

— You value yourself and that results in behaviors like taking care of yourself physically, and emotionally — standing firm in your boundaries, for example

— You are more resilient. When life throws a curve ball at you, you don’t take it personally and you bounce back more quickly

It doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time, nobody is.  And you may not feel accepted all the time either — but you don’t see that as a negative reflection on you, just a personal preference of someone else.

What can you do to raise your self esteem?

— Stop comparing yourself to others.  Social media is being linked with declines in self esteem in current studies

— Stop personalizing things.  Start training yourself to be logical rather than emotional when you receive negative feedback. 

— Practice self care.  Begin to add things to your life to take care of yourself, both physically and emotionally

— Start recognizing the patterns that keep you in low self esteem. And sometimes that requires outside help because from within it’s hard to “see” what’s going on.  But low self esteem (or for that matter, high self esteem) tends to be a self-perpetuating state.  You only notice and generalize what reinforces your low self esteem and you delete and distort things that contradict that self image.  (We talked about deletions, distortions and generalizations in last month’s Lunch & Learn.  If you haven’t listened to that yet you can find it here: http://www.minnesotahypnosis.com/rule-mind-2-expected-tends-realized/)

My wish is that this information helps you to begin to recognize where you are in your own self-esteem journey, and that it IS a journey — you do not have to remain in a state of having a damaged self esteem.  You can heal your self esteem and enjoy a healthier relationship with yourself and the world around you!



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