How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

how to stop smoking with hypnosis

How to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

You’re still smoking, I assume, or you wouldn’t be here.  Chances are you’ve tried other ways to stop smoking in the past. Maybe Chantix, the patch, gum, or just cold turkey. And you’re wondering how to stop smoking with hypnosis because that’s the one thing you haven’t tried. Hypnosis to stop smoking. And hypnosis works to stop smoking. There are already tons of research studies published showing its effectiveness.

What is a Habit?

The answer to why hypnosis works when other methods fail lies in looking at what a habit really is.  A habit is a repeated pattern of behavior driven by the subconscious mind and associated with a benefit/reward. A habit is driven by feel rather than thought.  Most smokers feel like a cigarette, they don’t say to themselves, I think I’ll have a cigarette.  Mostly you don’t say anything to yourself. Your body does the habit for you. You can be carrying on a conversation, driving your car, doing any number of other things that you’re actively, consciously engaged in. Meanwhile your body finds a cigarette, finds your lighter, puts the cigarette in your mouth, lights it and takes that first drag — all by feel.

And the behavior is associated with a reward or benefit. It may not be the same reward or benefit that you had when you started smoking. Chances are you started in your teens, and the benefit was something. Like feeling accepted by a group of your friends or rebelling against authority.  Those motivations no longer apply in your life, so in order to keep the habit alive your subconscious mind has learned to associate new benefits. Such as relaxing, an excuse to take a break, calming you down, or giving you something to do with your hands. When you stop smoking with hypnosis you’ll find out that you can get all of those associated benefits just as good or better in other ways.

Change the Associations Where They Live – In the Subconscious

There’s nothing magic about smoking that gives you those — it’s the magic of your mind’s ability to create associations.  “IF I feel more calm and relaxed when I step away from work to smoke, THEN smoking is what gives me that calm and relaxed feeling.”  “IF I feel more relaxed when I take that first deep drag off a cigarette, THEN that cigarette is the reason I feel more relaxed.”  This is the very basic logic of the subconscious mind, and it is meant to keep things the same.

That’s because in the logic of the subconscious, whatever you’ve been doing is successful (because you’re alive). Therefore, the subconscious drive is to continue to do the same things.  What’s familiar = good, and change = bad.

How to break a habit with hypnosis

In order to break a habit you have to use hypnosis.  This is how to stop smoking with hypnosis. Use it to make the old behavior feel foreign, feel awkward, feel uncomfortable, and have feelings of discomfort associated with it. And at the same time create new, positive associations with being smoke free and do that over and over and over in hypnosis to make it feel familiar. Because remember what’s familiar = good.  And the subconscious mind always chooses pleasure over pain.

The results of using hypnosis to stop smoking

I hear these differences expressed weekly in my practice. Compared to patches, gum, Chantix or cold turkey, people who quit with hypnosis feel much more relaxed about the process.  They don’t experience the cravings. They don’t replace cigarettes with food or candy. And with the right suggestions in hypnosis, they don’t feel uncomfortable around other smokers. Rob actually does a great job in the video below of telling how it really feels to quit smoking with hypnosis:

With repeated hypnosis sessions your subconscious mind makes the shift FOR you. This makes it so easy to just move into your life as a nonsmoker.  Something that would have felt weird and foreign before, now feels oddly familiar, comfortable and even enticing, and that is how to stop smoking with hypnosis!

Call or schedule a consultation online today and we can talk about how to help you make this change in your life.

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