Mind Body Techniques for Anxiety

businessman doing yoga in officeFor several years I taught a class at Normandale, a local community college, called Mind/Body Techniques for Anxiety.

Why “Mind/Body Techniques” and not “Hypnosis for Anxiety”?  The long answer would take too long.  The short answer is, while “anxiety” falls within a certain framework of symptoms and thought behaviors, everyone is unique and everyone’s experience with anxiety is unique.  Add to that the fact that everyone has a different association with hypnosis, and you have a situation where “one size fits all” just doesn’t.

I work with every client as an individual. I do a LOT of listening, and using my 10 years of experience to determine which path to go down next, with every client I work with.  For one, the answer may well be hypnosis; for another, Emotional Freedom Technique.  Some of the most highly analytical respond best to Neurolinguistic Programming. And then there’s Autogenic Training, a Mind/Body technique developed in the 1930’s specifically to address anxiety and insomnia issues.  Each of these techniques, and others, come at the issue from a slightly different angle.

It really gives me great joy to work with folks with busy, intelligent, anxious minds (like mine!). You CAN make peace with your mental functioning.  You can reach a point where you can enjoy the strengths of your analytical, intellectual mind and minimize the flip side of that coin.  I’ve helped many to achieve that and I’d be honored if you let me help you.

If you, or someone you know, has a busy, anxious mind, maybe insomnia or poor sleep, contact me for a free consultation.

In the radio show episode below I talk about my work with anxiety issues.

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