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hypnosis for drinking

Hypnosis for Drinking

If you’re on this page you’re wondering whether hypnosis can help you stop drinking, or if hypnosis can help you drink less and basically be in control of your drinking, rather than have your drinking be in control of you.

The answer is yes, hypnosis works to help people stop drinking or drink less.  I have worked successfully with many individuals to either stop drinking alcohol completely, or to cut back so they can have the occasional beer or wine but feel comfortable and natural stopping at one, or two.

Do you have a problem with alcohol?

Once the bottle is uncorked, are you unable to stop yourself from having more than one drink? Does your idea of a good time always involve alcohol? Do you use alcohol to deal with the stress or to make yourself feel better? If so, then you need to consider using something more than just conscious willpower to overcome your alcohol addiction.

While some alcohol addiction treatments may focus on why you drink and on your conscious decision to drink, they do not get to the heart of the matter. It’s your subconscious that drives you to drink, and to continue to drink, even when you don’t want to.

Cindy Locher of Changeworks has helped me get off the hamster wheel (literally years) of addiction.
After trying just about every method you can imagine to get myself ‘well’ (religion, medications, group talk), there were quick fixes that worked until the next trigger set me off and back into a bottle.

Hypnosis (and the education that has come throughout my sessions with Cindy) is thee ONLY thing that seems to have taken hold!

I know, it’s still early on (2 months of inner calm, non stress, not looking for the next binge), but I sincerely enjoy this lifestyle over the world I have left behind (so does my family!).
My weight is back in control, blood pressure down (without medications)

Cindy has taken the time with me, given the tools that have helped me, help myself.
I can now see what this life holds for the years ahead, not just the next day or week…

Thank you Cindy, I sincerely appreciate the education.
(The way out IS the way in) ~Joe R. (from our Google Reviews)

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Are you tired of waking up with a hangover, maybe unable to remember what happened the night before? During a typical hypnosis session to stop drinking alcohol, your hypnotist will reach deep into your subconscious and prevent your subconscious from believing you must have alcohol to deal with problems, or to have a good time.

Using hypnosis, I will will help you identify why you drink from a subconscious standpoint, and then change how your subconscious perceives situations that, in the past, have triggered your desire to drink. You may think you need alcohol to ‘open up’ or you may think alcohol will give you enough to courage to mingle or meet someone, for example. Or you may use alcohol to “destress” after biting your tongue during challenging situations during the day.  I’ve seen all of these as underlying reasons for the choice to drink, and all of these (and more) can be handled easily and effectively with hypnotherapy.

As part of the process of working with hypnosis for drinking, we can also retrain your subconscious to give you more self-confidence and to help you be more outgoing. Your subconscious can be trained to focus on all your positive qualities when you are out with friends and family, allowing you to believe in yourself enough to ‘open up’ and truly enjoy yourself.

I have not had a drink in 9 months. I am sober and will be sober for the rest of my life. I don’t have the urge to drink and I feel like my life is finally in control. My wife is giving me a 2nd chance and I just started a new job. You saved my life!” ~Tim K.

I have been working with Cindy for about 6 months. She has remarkable insight into physical, emotional and motivational issues which has helped me change bad habits and addiction into positive forces in my life.

With Cindy’s help using hypnosis, NLP and meditation, I have made positive changes to address alcohol abuse, post-surgical pain and motivation to move and exercise. I am very grateful for her caring approach and wisdom on so many levels.” ~Robert S. (from our Google Reviews)

A Lifelong Approach to Change

I use a 4 step process to change your subconscious patterns and release you from abuse or over use of alcohol:

  • Identify Why You Drink from a Subconscious Reason
  • Formulate a New Lifestyle Plan
  • Assist in Reprogramming the Way You Think and Feel About Alcohol
  • Teach you Self Hypnosis for Daily Reinforcement

Hypnosis for Alcohol Addiction

Through regression techniques, hypnosis will also help you discover if something in your past has created your addiction. We identify the triggers for your addiction, triggers that the subconscious may have amplified and exaggerated. Hypnosis will help you deal with these triggers and change how your mind perceives these triggers in the future.

We also use visualization techniques during hypnosis for alcohol addiction, which will help you see all the positive things that will happen when you are free from your alcohol addiction. Your subconscious can be taught to seek out and rely on positive, healthy activities that will give you and your subconscious a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Training the mind to value gratification in the future (how good you’ll feel because of not drinking) MORE HIGHLY than it values short-term rewards (that drink right now) is an important outcome of the processes I use.  Using hypnosis for drinking is unique in its effectiveness to create change in this cognitive area which is almost impossible to work with using conscious-only processes.

Depending on how long you have been addicted to alcohol, you may have damaged important relationships in your life. You may have also damaged your career and your reputation. However, hypnosis for alcohol addiction can help you begin to correct past mistakes, and find the strength to rebuild your life and your relationships.

During a typical hypnosis for drinking session, it is important to be honest and share those situations in your life that have been affected by your addiction, and commit to letting them help you establish new goals and new approaches to correcting these situations. My role is not to judge you, but to help you make the changes you want to see in yourself and in your life.

With hypnosis, you can be free of your addiction and get back to living a full, happy, and satisfaction filled life.

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Research studies:

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