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Hypnosis for Weight Loss


It seems that no matter what time of year, or time of your life, one of the ongoing issues in life is how to lose weight.  Hypnosis for weight loss can provide you with a new solution that eliminates the hard effort and puts an end to the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting.

It’s not news that America’s waist line has been growing over the past several decades. There are many things that add to those pounds adding up:  increased stress raises cortisol which makes the body store fat. Increased pressure from ads and commercials and the ever present availability of processed foods. Add to that beliefs that eating “comfort foods” will help reduce feelings of stress (even if temporarily) and you have a recipe (pardon the pun!) for weight gain over time.


The work we do is a three-pronged approach to hypnosis for weight loss.  All of the reputable resources such as the Mayo Clinic agree that while hypnosis can help with weight loss, other elements have to be in place to achieve results. Having lost significant weight myself with hypnosis I fully agree, so I created my hypnosis for weight loss program with these three elements that work together to give you your best results.


Some of the work is at the conscious level, because you need to be in agreement between your conscious and subconscious minds as to what and how you want to change.  Cindy is a Certified Nutrition Coach and has studied nutrition for over 3 decades, and continues to do so.  She will help you to see the best opportunities for changing your eating habits and recommend specific foods and supplements to increase your metabolism and your energy.


Milton Erickson, the Father of Modern Hypnotherapy, said that all problems are a result of a mind being “out of rapport with itself.”  Once you understand and most importantly, agree and feel good about the changes you’re deciding to make in order to achieve your goals, hypnotherapy is used to bring your subconscious mind into agreement with those goals.  There are a number of techniques that are highly effective in erasing your old “mental programming” and installing and reinforcing the programming (thoughts, attitudes and beliefs) that you desire.  Cindy works individually with each and every client, and has over 6,000 hours of client experience, and she will choose the right technique for you in each session to create change rapidly.

Past client successes in hypnosis for weight loss

Linda is a Nurse Practitioner with Allina. She lost the weight and has kept it off for over 4 years now.  She changed her mindset and her behaviors and has created a new relationship for herself with food. She’s provided us with a number of testimonials, and frequently refers her patients.  I have been a client of Cindy’s for the past few years and also know her on a professional basis. I am comfortable and pleased to refer my patients to her. My patients are also impressed with the care they receive with Cindy. I highly recommend Cindy for hypnotherapy.” ~ Linda Aulciems*

Heidi experienced an amazing transformation.  She was a great example of determination and she knew her subconscious mind was really on her side, and just needed some help.  Heidi has referred numerous clients to ChangeWorks, too, and she tells them all, “I can eat whatever I want.  It’s just that what I want has changed.”  (I wish I’d written that line! LOL!)*

Sandy had a great attitude that totally helped her move into a new place in her mind, where she no longer used food for emotional reasons.  The picture above was the day she got into a pair of her “skinny jeans!”*

*While these are actual client stories of real results, no one can predict or guarantee degree of result for any one client.  Your results may vary.

“Hypnosis works! 33 pounds down in just over 6 months. I know it was the hypnosis because I’d tried everything else and nothing else budged this weight. I still have a ways to go (plan to lose another 30), but NOW I know I will be successful! Thanks!”
— Bill S., Crosby, MN* 


In and of itself, without suggestion, the state of hypnosis has specific properties that are beneficial to weight loss.  Hypnosis has been shown in peer reviewed scientific studies to:


Cortisol is the hormone that keeps your body storing fat.  A reduction in cortisol is accompanied by a concommitant increase in DHEA, a hormone that does many things, including help build muscle, strength and stamina and help to strengthen the thyroid, your master metabolism gland.  Hypnosis has a healing and moderating effect on the hormones (the endocrine system) because hypnosis puts you in a healing state called homeostasis, where your body has a chance to repair and recover.  Overall, this effect of hypnosis helps to normalize your hormones and naturally optimize your metabolism through the improved actions of your adrenal glands and thyroid. Hypnosis has been shown to reduce serum cortisol levels in studies (Sachar, Cobb & Shor).

hypnosis for weight loss MinnesotaREDUCE ANXIETY, NATURALLY.

Many people eat because of anxiety, whether they are aware of it or not.  Hypnosis has been proven time and again to reduce anxious feelings naturally, leaving you feeling more in control–and more in control of your eating habits.


Serotonin and dopamine are chemicals that help you have a sense of wellbeing.  GABA is important is stopping thoughts.  So if you have “monkey mind” or a mental chatterbox, you’ll find yourself feeling more clear and quiet minded with hypnosis, once again leaving you feeling in control of your emotions and more resilient, which leaves you with more mental energy to make the changes you want to make.  You know how you feel more in control in the morning and early afternoon, and your “willpower” starts to fall apart mid-afternoon and evening?  This aspect of hypnosis helps moderate that.  Imagine feeling in control all day long.


Hypnosis is well known for its beneficial effect on sleep.  Without any suggestions about sleep at all, a client using hypnosis regularly often comments on how much better they are sleeping.  Why is sleep important to weight loss?  Your brain runs on blood sugar, and it gets fueled while you’re getting good, sound, quality sleep.  When your sleep is poor, your brain is not fully fueled up, and sends signals to the body that it needs more blood sugar.  This is interpreted as hunger, even when you don’t really need calories.  Worse, it’s interpreted as hunger for foods that convert quickly to blood sugar–cookies, donuts, muffins, breads and potatoes.  Sweet and starchy foods.  The bitter end of this joke?  Your brain doesn’t use that blood sugar when you’re awake the way it does when you’re sleeping, and combined with the fact that you’re tired with a suppressed metabolism from lack of sleep means that all those extra calories go right to fat.  As a kicker, this style of eating makes your blood sugar go up and down like a roller coaster during the day, and that leads to further insomnia.  A negative, self-reinforcing spiral that’s tough to get out of on your own.


This combination approach to hypnosis for weight loss is what makes this program more successful than most.  The ChangeWorks program is not just about hypnotic suggestion, it is much more than that.  This program works at all levels to bring you into optimal health mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This program not only addresses the symptom (excess weight) but the underlying causes (behavioral and physical).  In short, this program improves your hormonal balance and adrenal health.  If you know or suspect that your weight gain is due to stress, hormonal imbalance and/or adrenal fatigue, this program is uniquely designed to help you recover inall ways.


Many studies have shown the beneficial effect of hypnosis on weight loss.

Explore these resources from research studies and more to learn how hypnosis helps for weight management:




and our page full of other studies and resources on hypnosis for weight loss.

What does it require from you?  A strong desire, and an understanding and agreement that in order to change your physical body you must first change mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally.  Are you ready? 


 *Disclaimer: Hypnosis is not a replacement for psychotherapy, medical or other forms of treatment. Although Cindy Locher is a Certified Hypnotherapist in the state of Minnesota, she is not a doctor or psychotherapist and does not diagnose or treat mental or physical illness. Contact a physician or a licensed mental health professional if you need that kind of help.


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