Improving cognitive skills (thinking & memory)

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.54.26 AMDo you, or a loved one, struggle with short term (“working”) memory, or feel overwhelmed by the tasks and information coming at you at work or at school?  Been labeled ADD / ADHD, even put on the spectrum?

Did you know that the underlying brain issues with some of these situations can be improved?

Last week I interviewed Rich Frieder of LearningRx for our podcast.  For years, I thought LearningRx was a tutoring center.  But they aren’t.  Tutoring focuses on content — if you’re struggling in math, do more work in math, with help to master those skills, and you’ll do better in math.

But sometimes, despite the tutoring, extra work, or maybe you’re an adult in the workforce — sometimes the struggle remains, and you know there is potential that is not being tapped. These are the types of people that LearningRx specializes in helping.

To understand how this works, if it’s something you should look into, and to find out what happened when I went in for testing, listen in:


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