Interview with Paul Scheele, PhD

Interview with Paul Scheele, PhD


In this episode I interview Paul R. Scheele, PhD, founder of Learning Strategies Corporation (“in Minneapolis,” LOL!).

Paul is the creator of the Paraliminals hypnosis CDs.  (When I need something that I haven’t recorded myself, I turn to my Paraliminals collection, they are wonderful.)

Right now (yep, like RIGHT now, for the next 3 days) you can listen to the Paraliminals for free, they’re streaming them.  Follow this link:  Paraliminal Carousel and check them out. Full disclosure, if you do choose to buy anything, I will get a commission. There are only 2 companies I am an affiliate for, and Learning Strategies is one of them.  –I have a high bar! ?

Paul is one of the smartest people I know, and you can learn so much from him about brain science, behavior, spirituality and just generally creating a better life for yourself. He’s the best selling author of books like Natural Brilliance.

You’ll learn something by listening to this episode, so sit back, hit the play button, and enjoy!

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