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For the hypnotherapist in search of resources, Cindy Locher has a number of published products.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 6.46.23 PMCreating Resilience: Ego Strengthening Hypnosis Scripts

Are you a hypnotist looking to create longer lasting results for your clients? You may have already determined that direct, outcome-based suggestion alone cannot create the deepest and most lasting changes. These scripts have been specially written to create and deepen your clients’ ego strength and the characteristic of personal resilience, which is recognized by the American Psychological Association to be a fundamental personality trait in healthy and successful individuals. Here you will find scripts to create readiness for change, to transform your client’s past, to install a belief in the “failures” of the past as being valuable feedback, to create stronger decision making abilities, to build confidence, and more. Also included are scripts on weight release and libido enhancement that incorporate the principles of ego strengthening.

Available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon; currently available as a physical soft cover book (at a 15% discount) from Lulu’s bookstore, here.


Power & Confidence ScriptPower & Confidence Hypnosis Script

Possibly the most powerful session Cindy Locher has created to date, Totem of Power & Confidence engages your whole mind, using NLP, hypnosis and brainwave entrainment to create an amazing whole-mind experience. 

Remember or imagine the feeling of being completely and totally confident; of having an amazing sense of personal power and charisma.  Now imagine having the ability to tap into that feeling on demand, anytime you desire. In a meeting, during an interview, on a date with that special someone.  You know how others are drawn to people with personal magnetism.  Imagine being one of those people, whenever you want, through the power of NLP and your own mind.

This session will leave you feeling AMAZING! I wrote it recently and have been using it in sessions with clients, and the feedback is tremendous. Like I said, possibly the best thing I’ve ever written and recorded. Guaranteed, of course, to give you a feeling of confidence in any and every area of your life.

Available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon here.


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Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 6.54.46 PMCellular Healing Hypnosis Script

Powerfully engage the healing capacities of your mind through this transcendent guided imagery of healing and release. Using the imagery of energy itself, this session eases and releases blocked energies in a gentle, natural way and fills your body, mind, spirit and entire being with radiant transmuting energy, directing the natural healing abilities of your body and mind to restructure your body at the cellular level according to the blueprint of perfect health with with you were created.  Using the healing power of imagery and “power words,” this session begins with a cleansing and transmuting of energies into the vital energies of health at a physical level and then engages your higher consciousness to align healing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.

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Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 6.57.33 PMEliminate Sugar Hypnosis Script

Sugar. It’s agreed that in the highly refined form we eat it in, in our diets, in all types of foods, that sugar is toxic to our bodies. Our bodies have not evolved to eat sugar as an ISOLATE, and consuming ever increasing quantities of sugar in processed foods has created an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and worse, the victims of these diseases are getting younger and younger.

Why is the sugar content of our foods so high? The “Bliss Point.” Food engineers deliberately design their products to find the “bliss point,” which is their term for the ratio of fat/sugar/salt that is most addictive to us.

This recording explains how we evolved to consume sugar, how this artificial processing of sugar into an isolate is harmful, why we have so much problem saying no to sugar, and transforms all of this into wisdom that CHANGES FOREVER how you feel when you see a sugary product.

Available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.


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