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Spiritual Hypnosis book coverThe Art of Spiritual Hypnosis

amazon-best-sellerAn Amazon Best Seller in its first week!

Edited by Roy Hunter (Cindy Locher & Jody Kimmell contributing authors)

This book is unique!

Read the amazing stories of scores of clients from five different continents who found their own answers as a result of client centered hypnosis sessions…

A client gets up out of her wheelchair and walks out of her therapist’s office. A woman suffering from infertility gets pregnant and has a healthy baby boy. A pastoral hypnotherapist receives instructions from Holy Spirit to help build his practice. A blind man remembers seeing in a former life and learns why his soul chose to blind in this life. A couple resolves marriage problems after a past life regression. Numerous clients release pain, grief, negativity, fears and anxieties. Other clients discover their life purpose after communicating with God, Christ, Buddha, an angel, or their Higher Power. Some experience physical healing after their sessions as a result of emotional healing during their sessions.

This book was organized and edited by Roy Hunter, a world renown hypnosis trainer and author. The contributing authors to this book include respected and experienced hypnosis professionals from different countries around the world.

Find it on Amazon as a Kindle ebook.  Print edition coming later in June 2016.


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.06.52 PMEmotional Freedom Technique: From the Basic Recipe to Personal Peace

Cindy Locher, BCH, MNLP

A manual to accompany a workshop on Emotional Freedom Technique. Take your students from a basic understanding of EFT and the Basic Recipe, through more advanced concepts such as the Tell the Story Technique and the Personal Peace Process. For trainers, this manual can be customized and is available as a complete training solution, with PowerPoint slides and a video showing how to conduct the 2-3 hour workshop. 90 days of email reminders and affirmations are available should you choose to lead your students through the 90 day Personal Peace Process. A complete workshop. To purchase the workshop and have the manual customized, contact the author through her website,

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Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.10.06 PMMastering the Art of Success

Cindy Locher, BCH, MNLP with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

In today’s business world, success is an art form. You must continue to broaden your knowledge base to keep up with the latest trends, strategies, and ideas to master the art of success. The authors featured in this book, Mastering the Art of Success, were specially chosen to help you create winning habits and acquire the vital information you need to stay competitive. Reading what these authors have to say will turn your unproductive hours into time well spent and you will pick up vital new skills. You will learn how to make smarter decisions and learn what works and what doesn’t. Each chapter in Mastering the Art of Success is like a mini coaching session that will help you achieve your personal and organizational goals. YOU are the designer of your life. You have the power to unlock your potential and Mastering the Art of Success will show you how.

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Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.13.25 PMCreating Resilience: Ego Strengthening Hypnosis Scripts

Cindy Locher, BCH, MNLP

Are you a hypnotist looking to create longer lasting results for your clients? You may have already determined that direct, outcome-based suggestion alone cannot create the deepest and most lasting changes. These scripts have been specially written to create and deepen your clients’ ego strength and the characteristic of personal resilience, which is recognized by the American Psychological Association to be a fundamental personality trait in healthy and successful individuals.

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