Questions to Help You Set Long Term Goals

Questions to Help You Set (& Achieve!) Your Long Term Goals

What is your long term goals setting and achieving strategy?  Are you clear on what goals to set to achieve your vision of the future? Are you clear on your vision of the future?  What is REALLY important to you?

Those are the primary questions that must be answered in order to have direction and momentum in your life.

Over 14 years ago now I decided my life had to change.  I was working about 72 hours a week for an aerospace engineering firm and while the work was challenging, it didn’t give me the life balance I needed, with a 3 year old at home (who is now 17! Yikes!).

I meditated with those questions for about 9 months before everything gelled and propelled me to becoming a hypnotherapist in private practice. (Real change takes time, and that’s OK.) Yes, it was REALLY hard continuing to go to that job, and I was also taking my Master’s degree classes at the same time.

When that vision finally unfolded though, it was like lighting a stick of dynamite! I knew that every day was worth it because I was working toward something wonderful, that would benefit not just me but so many others in this world.  I set a goal to have the best practice I could, to have the best skillset I could, to really be the best I could be.

That is still my over-arching goal.

Sticking to Your Long Term Goals Brings Rewards

And today I was delighted to wake up to two exciting emails that validate my efforts.

First, this site was chosen as #28 on the Top 100 Hypnosis Blogs in the world by FeedSpot. They select from thousands of sites across the world, so this is truly an honor!

Then, no sooner had I closed that email than I got an email from ThriveGlobal letting me know I’d been quoted in their article today about (wait for it!) setting and achieving goals!  So fun! Check it out here: These Smart Strategies Will Help You Commit to a Long Term Goal and See it Through.  

(Yep, a little shameless self promotion this morning! But I had to share!)

I already had this article ready to publish so how kismet is that?

As the ThriveGlobal article says, I choose ONE over-arching goal each year.  A “theme” if you will.  That really helps me to prioritize because as a solo entrepreneur there are always other “opportunities” that come up during the year and if you don’t stay focused, you’ll tread water and go no place fast.

Want to try it?  It streamlines your efforts and energy and actually kicks your personal can further down the street, let me tell you.

If you are thinking, “but Cindy, I don’t know what my one over-arching goal or “theme” would be for next year, here are some questions to kick start that thinking process.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you choose as an over-arching goal for next year!

Fun Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What Long Term Goal to Work Towards This Year

So, imagine:  It’s almost New Year’s Eve, and here you had this great and glorious plan to set some goals for the year to come. But the great plan toward having your “Best Year Ever” has come to a screeching halt because you’re not sure what goals to set. Everything you’re thinking seems too small or too silly or too hard, and you don’t know where to begin. 

Here are some fun questions to get you started:

  • Overcome the “Achievement Gap!” Create your best life!

    You’ve been asked to give a TED talk 20 years from now. On what topic are you an expert? What can you do now to build that expertise?

  • Write your obituary. What are you listing under ‘accomplishments’? What do you need to do now so that someday you can achieve them?
  • How does your perfect day look? What elements are missing from your life now? How can you resolve those?
  • Write out your bucket list, then look at that list. What do you have to learn or achieve to accomplish those tasks? What can you do now to set yourself up for that accomplishment later?
  • What is the biggest, most grandiose thing you can think of doing? Why do people tell you it’s impossible? What would make it possible?
  • What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow? What things would you want to accomplish? Where would you go and what would you do? How can you make those things happen now?

In the end, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Don’t go with the norm. No one ever met tremendous and glorious change by embracing the status quo. When faced with two choices, always go with the road less traveled. (Like going from aerospace engineering to hypnosis!)

2. Go with the goal that scares you just a little. These are the goals that will challenge you and set you up for the most growth in the long run. 

3. Or conversely, pick the goal that you know you can complete quickly. If you have trouble building momentum, sometimes taking what’s quick and easy can get you motivated. Get the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having gotten something done. Then use that momentum to launch you towards your next goal.

Maybe your goal for this year is to get over that fear of public speaking, finally lose the weight, or stop drinking too much. How will moving those obstacles out of your way open your path to achieving what’s really important to you?

Goals don’t have been perfect, and you won’t meet every goal. The point is to make one, and then work toward achieving that long term goal. It’s the progress and the change that counts more than the destination. Just trying will lead you to that Best Year Ever!

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