Staying Calm in Times of Crisis

When our lives are disrupted through a crisis of sorts it is essential that we find our inner resilience in order to remain healthy, both physically and psychologically. At the moment, we are all dealing with the same fears connected to the coronavirus. Constantly watching the news and getting caught up in the drama doesn’t help us to stay physically healthy. In fact, it creates energy that is depleting and we know that stress directly impacts our physical and mental health. I feel that we need to shift into a loving heart energy that keeps us present and spreads the same energy to people around us.

A crisis is often a catalyst of positive change if we can allow it to be. It’s a time when we can allow ourselves to rebirth – to let go of who we think we are and the story that we have created about our life that defines us, and really explore new possibilities within ourselves and in the world we live in.

The metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly is a perfect metaphor for any life transition that we as humans go through. The caterpillar literally dissolves into a kind of goo which then transforms into a beautiful butterfly never having dreamed that it would transform into something so beautiful and be able to fly. When we feel like we are “dissolving” and things as we know them are no longer the same it is an opportunity to transform ourselves and break away from a way of being that may not even be aligned with our essential self. We may not be able to change or control what is happening but we do always have the choice to change how we respond to events.

It is essential that we find ways of looking after our mental, physical and emotional well-being and of those around us too.

Physically: This may be a time for you to get some more rest, eat more wholesome food. Do some gentle exercise that will also keep your body feeling good .Give yourself permission to feel nurtured and comforted in any way you can.

Mentally: We may have to self-isolate and distance ourselves socially with this virus but todays’ technology and all the social media platforms make it possible to connect and reach out to others as well as to try and spread a positive heart energy and help others to let go of fear. I love seeing more and more messages spreading heart energy encouraging people to find ways of helping others in need.

It really helps to have someone to talk to when you are overwhelmed with your emotions – make sure that you are not isolating yourself and reach out to friends and family.

Journaling is a great way of expressing feelings and it can also help you to find perspective. You can check in with yourself by picking up where you might be getting stuck in negative and fear based thinking.

Try and stay out of your head and get into a heart space through breathing exercises and meditations. Mindful Self-Compassion meditation is a wonderful way of giving yourself love and compassion and staying centred and in the present moment.

This worldwide pandemic crisis is definitely a time that we can all use to re- evaluate how we define ourselves and if we are happy with the way we are living.

In an effort to create something helpful that is there for people 24/7 I have begun putting meditation music videos, hypnosis sessions and guided meditations out on a separate YouTube channel, you can find it here:

I’ve already heard from several people that these videos are helpful, either to listen to in meditation or playing as background music and even while driving (the music ones only, not the hypnosis ones!). It is my prayer that these help many people through this crisis and beyond (because we WILL get beyond this!).

Take care. Love, Cindy

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