Taming the Untamed Mind

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.13.08 AMUnderstanding the Benefits of Meditation

Wow, what a wonderful 13 minute talk by Lily Hill.  She does a beautiful job of summing up a lot of information and making it accessible and useful.  WELL worth the watch.

I had a meditation instructor years ago who told me, “the untrained mind is like a young puppy.  And so you put the puppy in front of you and you say, ‘sit puppy.’ And the puppy sits for like a second and then it wanders off.  So you bring it back and say again, ‘sit puppy.’ And this time the puppy sits for two seconds.  And through consistency and persistence, the mind/puppy learns that sit means sit for as long as you want it to. ”

This is a valuable first step in transcending the untamed mind, and it IS possible to achieve. Once you do, you begin to establish a relationship with a deeper you, a part of you that really wants the very very best for you and will always give you good advice.  (The bad ideas come from that egoic, untamed monkey mind).

So, please do watch Lily, this is wonderful.  Enjoy!


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