The Skinny on Obesity: Sugar is BAAAAD!


Again in the news and as many of you know I’ve written about and lecture on the negative role sugar plays in our diet. It creates and exacerbates not only obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome but also anxiety and insomnia (view my YouTube videos on how that works on Cindy’s YouTube Channel).

I was so pleased to find this documentary out on YOUTUBE free and easy to access for everyone. It is extraordinarily well researched and presented and I highly recommend you to watch it (maybe twice!) if you have issues with weight, insomnia, diabetes, anxiety, or metabolic syndrome. If you haven’t decided to reduce or eliminate sugar from your diet, it will help you to make that decision. If you are already on that healthier path, this video will help reinforce your decision and motivation. Remember, as I say in my Eliminate Demon Sugar hypnosis audio, the less sugar you eat, the less you desire.

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