Things You Can Do To Make Your Life More Meaningful 

Things You Can Do To Make Your Life More Meaningful 

Many people experience down times in their lives. For some, it goes even lower. They begin to merely survive. A life that is about only surviving begins to feel empty and pointless. It happens for many reasons. For some people, they work eight hours or more at a job they’ve lost interest in. For others, they worried too much about the future and forgot about today. And there are some who experienced a tragic event and decided to retreat into themselves instead of walking through the hurt and anger. 

Whatever the reason, getting through each day by rote, doing what we’re obligated to do, and the most excitement we have is a holiday once a year to look forward to. Is that really living?

No. It’s not.

Here are four simple changes that can make Life more meaningful:

making life meaningfulLearning

Always be learning. It’s a great way to add meaning to Life. Our minds crave growth and when we’re challenged to learn something new, our minds are satisfied. This quickly trickles down to our emotions and gives us a sense of satisfaction with our lives. 

Make it a point to learn new skills, to explore new hobbies. Think of what you can learn, now, related to the work you do or a hobby you’re involved in.  Now, get started learning something new.


Relationships with other people are vital to your health and well-being. Being able to share your experiences, your challenges, your triumphs with someone else and having them do the same with you brings a level of intimacy and connection that makes life more meaningful. 

Begin with your current relationships. Reach out to someone close to you and be of service to them. Ask how they are doing. Listen to their experiences. Then begin to share yours when it’s appropriate. From there, you can gain momentum and begin starting new relationships. 


For a life to be meaningful there must be a triumph or victory. That comes from challenging yourself and experiencing the learning and overcoming of that challenge. 

Whether you’ve experienced a life and death situation or you were very, very cost to accomplishing something amazing, it is these moments when we learn the most about who we are and we’re capable of doing. 

Those who look for opportunities to be challenged, and learn from that challenge, are people who feel connected to others and a power greater themselves. This results in a having a life of meaning. 


Travel, whether it’s across a state, a country, or an ocean, offers you an opportunity to experience new sights and new people. You can backpack a local trail or visit a museum in another state. You’ll meet new people who are doing the same thing, so you’ll have something to talk about.  Share your thoughts, your experience. Ask questions of them and enjoy a conversation. 

It’s these experiences, especially the experiences that can be shared with others, that offer the most intense and lasting sense of meaning to our lives. 

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