Trick Your Brain into Instant Motivation

Instant Motivation Brain Hack

This is the first installment in this short series about the brain.   –>Your brain.<–

That lovely 3 pound jello salad that does so much for you. And every once in awhile betrays you utterly. (I hate when that happens!)

So today, to launch this series of articles, I offer you this wonderful video that explains how to “trick” your mind into taking action BEFORE IT CAN OBJECT.

Because it will object, probably. Unless you’re really used to taking action, if that’s your “norm.”  Because the brain / mind if you like, defaults to safety.  For obvious reasons, and good ones.  But chances are you’re not procrastinating about walking across 494 in mid rush hour traffic. No, you’re procrastinating about getting your resume out there, or starting that business, or approaching that really cute guy or gal.

The things that would, logically speaking, make your life BETTER.

But Noooooooo…. we ain’t used to that, so the brain balks. It finds excuses, it gets distracted, it throws fear in our face or it just. simply. forgets.

Learn how to sneak that action step in there before your brain knows it! Watch the vid below:

And then watch the video AGAIN and this time be thinking:  how can I apply this in my life?  What do I want to do that I get stuck in that analysis paralysis about and then my comfort-seeking brain takes over and I don’t end up doing it?

Get on that exercise bike?

Type up that resume, or article, or?

Get out of bed and make it snappy before the sheets feel soooo warm & comfy?

March into the boss’s office and ask for that raise? (You know you’ve thought about it long enough.)

What else?

I’m serious. Now that you know the hack, watch the video again, and be asking your brain “where can I apply this in my life?” Write it down. Commit to it. And do it.

Apply this everywhere you can in your life-make it a habit. In fact, this is called being “action oriented” and its an actual skill.  You can learn more about it:

I would love to hear from you once you’ve had some time to use this.  Let me know– is this tip working for you? What has this helped you to achieve that you were procrastinating on or avoiding before?

Be well!


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