What is the Vagus Nerve? | Cindy Locher Podcast

Tone up your Vagus Nerve to Relieve Anxiety, Irritability and Improve Your Sleep

Your Vagus Nerve

Welcome to another podcast!

In this podcast I explore one of my favorite topics to cover with clients – the power of the Vagus Nerve, what it is and what it does, and how you may be unintentionally reducing its ability to calm your heart and mind.

In today’s podcast we will learn:

  1. How your Vagus nerve connects your brain with your heart, gut, and all your internal organs and serves as “the captain” of your parasympathetic nervous system-which is your body’s natural relax, rebuild, and repair response team.
  2. How proper functioning of your Vagus nerve keeps chronic inflammation in check, putting the brakes on all major diseases and regulates your heart beat, maximizing heart rate variability which is a major marker for heart health.
  3. A simple exercise that will both immediately trigger the Vagus Nerve to calm your body and mind, and which will actually “tone up” your Vagus Nerve over time to help keep you calmer, naturally.




Podcast: Understanding the Role of Your Vagus Nerve

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