Who Uses Sports Hypnosis?

sports hypnosis

As I’m writing this, golf season is over for the year, and we’re moving into the winter sports. I enjoy working with all types of athletes all year round.  I’ve worked with, of course-golfers, but also lots of young gymnasts, hockey players, equestrians, basketball players, Iron Man Triathletes, even a few bull riders!

Peak performance in any athletic event is primarily dependent on what’s going on between your ears. By the time you reach a high level of play, your body has been trained and knows what to do — when you let it. So regardless what your sport is, if you’re in a phase where you’re not playing the way you used to, the way you know you can, if you’re just not having FUN any more – THAT is what sports hypnosis is all about!

For those of you new to sports hypnosis, one of the first things you should learn is that sports hypnosis isn’t new.  It has a long and well-proven history.

As the saying goes, “what the mind believes the body achieves.” This is the process used by hypnosis or self hypnosis for sports improvement, because it’s been proven that we first see and do in our mind whatever it is we desire to achieve, and that creates the deep belief it is possible.  This process must happen in order to increase our chances of achieving any goal.

Using the subconscious mind in this way to create images and visualization, and most importantly feelings, of what we desire has been documented around the world since there has been documentation.  It’s not new and athletes use it routinely. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus once said, “Golf is a game of inches. The most important seven are between your ears.”

Here are just a few athletes who used sports hypnosis:

Angela Bailey, the current Canadian Record Holder in the 100 meters. She holds the record in a time of 10.98 seconds. Angela Baily used sports hypnosis to move beyond a stuck state and take the Silver Medal in 1987.  Angela Baily believes so much in sports hypnosis that she became a hypnotherapist herself.

Tiger Woods turns to hypnotherapy to calm his mind and improve his focus before every game he plays. In fact he is said to have been practicing it ever since he was 13.

Kevin McBride, the heavyweight boxer who beat Mike Tyson for the championship, is quoted as saying, “A lot of athletes use only 2% to 8% of their ability at any given time. What hypnosis does is send out signals to the subconscious mind that makes you leave nothing behind.”

Michael Jordan usedsports hypnosis. It was a regular part of The Chicago Bull’s preparation, because of Phil Jackson, the head coach, believes strongly in sports hypnosis and meditation to increase mental stamina.

The list of athletes who use and have used hypnosis as the way to strengthen the most important part of any sport performance, the mental part of the game is a long.  For any athlete in any sport, whether on a team or individual competition, sports hypnosis is the best tool to improve your game. The team or player that is best on paper based on statistics and odds isn’t necessarily the winner. That’s why the game is played. It’s the team or player with the mental edge that can rise above that reaches the winner’s circle.

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