Providing Clinical Hypnosis in the Twin Cities since 2007.

Does an exhausting problem such as overweight, smoking, insomnia, or a fear of public speaking have a negative effect on your life, career or relationships?  Do your bad habits or stuck behavioral patterns have you feeling powerless to make the changes that you want in your life?

Cindy Locher and Jeff Bellis, the Board Certified Hypnotists at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center help people gain control of their life, their body, and their mind through modern clinical hypnosis.  Hypnosis isn’t magic, but the results can sometimes seem that way to clients who are finally able to overcome a problem that they may have been struggling with for years.

Can we help you?

We get it.  Right now your number one question is, “can you help me?” The honest answer is that we need to talk with you first. Chances are, if you look at the page about your issue and recognize yourself in what is on that page, we can help you.

The more you know, the better decision you can make, and we encourage you to do your research to decide 1) is hypnosis right for you and 2) is ChangeWorks the right place. To help you get started, we encourage you to take a look at our page detailing numerous hypnosis studies, and of course our testimonials.

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Our Clients Love to Talk About Their Success at ChangeWorks Hypnosis.

ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center is the place

for you to reinvent and empower yourself to be the person you wish to be.  Most people in life find that they need help along the way to make their life more enjoyable and fulfilling; to change those habits that they just can’t seem to change themselves.

Whether your goal is to lose the weight, get over that fear of public speaking or improve your golf game, you will find experienced professionals at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center whose number one goal is to help you achieve yours!

A Unique Integrative and Holistic Approach

ChangeWorks is unlike any other hypnosis provider in that we incorporate multiple, highly sophisticated techniques into our client work.  While your first session will focus on hypnosis, in subsequent sessions you may be introduced to one or more of the techniques described on Our Methods page, including NLP, brainwave entrainment, EFT, and Eye Movement Integration.  Which techniques are right for you will be determined by your hypnotist, based on years of client experience, professional training, and the responses and results you have with the work.

Integrating multiple modalities, when appropriately and expertly chosen for the client by trained professionals, has proven to provide quicker and more lasting results for a wide variety of issues.

Your mind deserves a professional you can trust.

Since 2007 the professional hypnotists at ChangeWorks have dedicated themselves to reaching the highest level of effectiveness, obtaining training and certifications on multiple integrative modalities.

Cindy Locher is also a certified hypnotherapy and NLP master trainer who for five years owned and operated the Midwest Hypnotherapy Academy, a Minnesota state licensed school of hypnotherapy, and the largest facility dedicated to quality training of hypnotherapists in the Midwest during its operation, with the most rigorous program (400+ hours) in the five state area.

In addition, Cindy and Jeff work in cooperation with several medical facilities in the Twin Cities, including HealthPartners on their Healthy Discounts program.  Our programs, as well as our staff, are experienced, proven and trusted, giving you the confidence you need to reach your goals more effectively.

Make your decision with confidence with our Right Decision Guarantee.

We confidently offer our “Right Decision Guarantee.” When you buy any session package, you are entitled to our Right Decision Guarantee:  If at the end of your first session you are not satisfied with our methods and processes, or for any reason feel that ChangeWorks Hypnosis is not the right fit for you, we will cheerfully refund your entire package fee upon your request. Guaranteed. To our knowledge, we’re the only hypnotherapy center to offer this much assurance in the country.  Why? Simply put, your success is our success and we want this to be the right fit, and the right solution for you.

Perhaps there is a specific goal you want to reach,

or a bad habit that you need to stop.  Here at ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center our job is to guide you down the path to your goals using a client centered approach, personalizing every session to maximize the time we spend together, en-route to your goal.

ChangeWorks is at the forefront of the movement toward mainstream hypnosis in the Twin Cities,

and has been selected by such organizations as HealthPartners, Education Minnesota (the state’s teacher’s union), cities like Brooklyn Park, corporations like American Family and the St. Paul Hotel and the Minnesota State Department of Corrections, among others, to provide services to their employees and members.  Cindy and Jeff also partner with a number of physicians in the Twin Cities area to use natural methods to improve our mutual clients’ health.

This is 100% about you.

The only way to find out if you can be accepted as a client is to call for your free consultation.

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