Board Certified Hypnotherapist Cindy Locher uses proven methods to solve your problems quickly and permanently.

Live the life you’ve always wanted – free from doubts, fears, and uncertainties. Gain back control of your momentum, and get unstuck today. Thousands of people like you have come through the doors of ChangeWorks Hypnosis since 2007: People who are successful, professional, action-oriented and who are effective in most areas of their lives. But need a little help in that one area.

I’m Cindy Locher and even though we haven’t met yet, I know you. Whether you’re dealing with tenacious anxiety or fear in one area, need more confidence for public speaking, have decided it’s time to stop smoking or drinking, or you’re tired of carrying around the extra weight, I understand.

And together, we can get you un-stuck, like thousands of others before you.

1 %
Percent of Successful Non-Smokers per University of Washington Study
1 %
Percent improvement in weight loss results over standard methods per university of Connecticut study
1 %
Of study participants reduced anxiety symptoms AFTER 12 WEEKS per University of Utah Study

Can I really help you? I get it.  Right now your number one question is, “can you really help me?”And that’s OK, because that’s the first question that everyone comes to me with.

The honest answer is that we need to talk first. Chances are, if you look at the page about your issue and recognize yourself in what is on that page, I can help you.

I have the experience and the integrity to let you know if I can’t. There are some things that are outside of the scope of my practice, like schizophrenia, DID, and so forth.

What I really do is help normal people with normal problems. (I know; your problem might not feel “normal” to you right now!)

The more you know, the better decision you can make, and I encourage you to do your research to decide 1) is hypnosis right for you and 2) is ChangeWorks the right place. To help you get started, we encourage you to take a look at our page detailing numerous hypnosis studies, and of course our testimonials.

When you’re ready to spend some time exploring your issue and how I can help, it’s easy to set up a strategy call with me.

Want to learn more (a lot more!) about hypnosis?

Get Cindy’s 142 page book, Hypnosis & You, free!

This book is Cindy’s gift to you, to spread the word about the benefits of the natural, healthful state of hypnosis.

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Hypnosis Works with a Variety of Issues

Even When Everything Else You’ve Tried Has Failed, Hypnosis Can Help

Here are just a few of the issues Cindy can help you with. If you don't see your issue here, sign up for a consultation to discuss how Cindy can address your specific needs.

Clients tell me all the time how helpful they found past client reviews and testimonials. Reviews are unedited and for the last few years, primarily captured via 3rd party services like Google Reviews, or via video or audio so you know their authentic experiences.

In Their Own Words…

Here are just a few client testimonials. [See them all.]

All Clients Receive HypKNOWsis Inner Circle Membership

Benefits include exclusive self hypnosis audios, wellness techniques and mini courses.

Learn more!

Smart clients do their research before reaching out, and I encourage and appreciate that!

Checking out my podcast episodes is a great way of learning whether we’d be a good fit to work together. 

Check out The Cindy Locher Show.

I am a member in good standing of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, the world’s premier association for hypnosis professionals. I have been a repeat speaker at their annual conference, and I am regularly published in their professional journal.

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association

With a research background from my MA in Leadership at Augsburg, I understand the value of proper methodology and research. This is not a hypnosis blog where you’ll find a lot of wishful thinking and magic. 

I dig into solid research on how hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can help you solve your issue and create a life you love!

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Contact Info

ChangeWorks Hypnosis Center

14051 Burnhaven Drive, Suite 102
Burnsville, MN 55337
(952) 356-0010

Conveniently located 1/2 mile from the confluence of 35E and 35W. The office is about 20-30 minutes from anywhere in the Twin Cities area.

14051 Burnhaven Drive, Burnsville MN 55337

(952) 356-0010

Have a Behavioral Specialist on Your Team

I’m Cindy Locher, Board Certified Hypnotist. I’ve been in practice since 2007. In that time I’ve worked with thousands of people from all walks of life. University presidents, executives from most of the Fortune 500-100-50 corporations around the Twin Cities, business owners, employees, Moms and Dads. I have the experience to help you overcome your problem. [Learn more about Cindy and how she works.]

ChangeWorks Hypnosis is conveniently located in Burnsville, MN.  Just a half mile from the junction of 35E and 35W, the office is conveniently located and easily reachable from all parts of the metro area. And if you’re outside of that area, I work with people via Zoom or over the phone. [More about location information.]

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