New Clients

Prior to Your Consultation…

1. Schedule Your Consultation

Click the button below to go to my online scheduling system, choose a date and time for your phone consultation.

$50 deposit is required to book a consultation. If we decide to work together, the $50 will be applied to your program. If for any reason you are not accepted as a client, the deposit will be refunded.

2. Fill Out Forms

Please complete and submit the following forms at least 48 hours prior to your consultation/appointment:

All new clients complete these forms:

Please also review the office illness policy here.

3. Watch

Pre-Session videos

Follow the instructions on that page for viewing the videos. This is designed to answer many of your questions prior to the consultation, to make that time most productive for you, and to give you a good understanding of what hypnosis is and how it will work for you.


4. Listen

To help prepare your mind for your sessions,please download and listen:

Hypnotic Conditioning Audio (MP3)

Listen daily, or as many times as you are able to, prior to your appointment. This is a hypnotic audio, so please do not listen in a moving vehicle. Choose a time when you will be able to be comfortable, and not disturbed, for about 25 minutes. Simply close your eyes and listen to the recording and allow yourself to be taking into the hypnotic state the same way you would allow yourself to fall asleep safely and naturally at day’s end.

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